The Templars – The Return Of Jacques De Molay LP (RE)

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Recorded over the course of 1993-1994 in the band's own "Acre" home studio, The Templars' debut full-length, "The Return Of Jacques De Molay," introduced the lo-fi, DIY sound that would serve as the band's sonic signature over the coming decades. Featuring painstakingly remastered audio, completely reworked packaging, and the overall attention to detail that you've come to expect from TKO/Templecombe reissue collaborations, we can say without hesitation that this new version presents "The Return Of Jacques De Molay" as it always should have been. Paired with the album's signature fuzz guitars, warmly saturated drums, and deft, melodic basslines, it's clear why "The Return Of Jacques De Molay" continues to resonate after the last 30 years.

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