Stick Men With Ray Guns "Property Of Jesus Christ" LP

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Recommended! On the heels of End Of An Ear's well received 'Grave City' compilation of studio recordings, here's the first of two live albums from Dallas' incredibly influential and fucked-before-their-time STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS, 'Property Of Jesus Christ', recorded in 1984 at Houston's Lawndale Art Annex. . Recordings have been restored / beefed up by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering, lacquers cut by Matt Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service as befitting this crucial document of one of US punk's most fearless outfits at the peak of their powers. Though the material has been available on CD and digital download previously, this is the first time these performances from the foursome of Bobby Soxx, Clarke Blacker, Scott Elam and Bob Beeman have been issued on vinyl. Has any American band before or since come close to embodying antagonism as an art form? I'm sure your short list is fascinating, maybe even worth arguing over, but you absolutely need 'Property Of Jesus Christ' and the '87 finale, '1000 Lives To Die' playing on repeat from the safety of your living room.

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