Steve Starlust - LOSTNFOUND LP

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To say it is a rare occurrence for two of my niche personal interests – 1970’s NY street-rock bands and professional wrestling – to overlap would be a gross understatement. Add in surviving, unreleased studio tracks and have them be as strong as anything by Airborne, The Brats, The Harlots of 42nd Street, Stumblebunny or even the Dolls and you are holding on to one extremely longshot parlay ticket. Despite these long odds, Starlust somehow, after over forty years of waiting, are walking out of the steel cage with the winner’s purse. Tonite’s The Nite!

Now, after over forty years, Starlust and the Grapplers are ready to take their place out of the pack of the could-have-been's and into the proto-punk pantheon with these complete recordings. They’re shaking off the cobwebs, they’re impervious to pain, the people are on their feet, they’re signaling for the big finish! Here it comes!




Ring the bell, raise their hands and get those world title belts ready as Steve Starlust and the boys are coming back to steal the show.

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