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Skid City "Greetings from..." LP

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"While Melbourne's Skid City skirt the stale tendency to zero in on a narrow reference point, they are nevertheless instantly identifiable in spirit as "classic". Gesturing towards those few years at the turn of the 1980s where rock became punk and blew minds from that point on, Skid City follow in its timeless tradition of hooks, grit and snot. While such vague terms might mean a great number of things to you, depending on which focal point takes your preference - Stiff or Chiswick Records? CBGBs? The Masque? Club 77? - familiar elements of them all can be heard here. Gritty tones, driving riffs and rock-solid devolved beats lay the foundations for some serious leads that alternate between the righteous uplift of blues scales played at a clip and discordant strangling in the downbeat numbers. Matching the mood, the vocalist delivers tales of brainless triumph and insightful remorse of the terminal rager like a partied-out Lemmy meets a lucid Darby Crash. Far from a dry genre exercise, Greetings... comes across like the organic produce of a larger-than-life, comic-book gang. Get jumped in." - Neil Bramley (Adult Dreams zine) 

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