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Septic Yanks "S/T" CS

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Freshhhh Olympia HC punk music featuring Stucco label boss Jake on vocals, with Kyla from Vanity/JJ Doll/Ivy on guitar, and a Skate Korpse member as well? If you dug the Electric Chair and Suck Lords EPs that Stucco released, then yer gonna want to check this tape out. Trashy and almost Germs-esque shambolic 4/4 punk that picks up the speed at times, maybe putting 'em in the same territory as contempo-flair like Fried E/M and Mystic Inane. I'm getting a strong Roach Motel vibe out this too. While the Septic Yanks definitely aren't gonna topple you over with originality, they've got the scrappy punk vibe on check with the cut and paste aesthetic to match. Pair this with some cheap beer and crank yer fuckin' stereo m8.

 Edition of 100 c20 CS with 8"x11" newsprint insert.

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