Rock'N'Roll Forever! - Photos by Ben Charles Trogdon

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Rock 'N' Roll Forever! collects the past ten years of photography by Ben Charles Trodgon. To simply term this a photo zine would be unfair - it is a serious volume of visual artistry that captures some of the most important and vibrant bands, people, cities, and events of the past ten years in rock'n'roll history. And Ben was there to document it all! Not originally by choice, more out of duty. However, Ben's photographs are strikingly candid - often proving to be some of the best published documents of particular bands. You'll remember that Ben also edits Nuts! fanzine, featuring bands from his time in Olympia to his current homestead of NYC. Here are a few names you might recognize: Milk Music, Sex Vid, Gun Outfit, Hysterics, Crazy Spirit, Warthog, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, La Misma, Nandas, and Perdition (plus Ben's bandmates from over the years in Weird TV, Ivy, JJ Doll, Vanity, and more). And that's really just a primer for what these 108 pages are brimming with. Painstakingly laid out with original artwork from Sam Ryser, Mateo Cartagena, Sonya Sombreuil, Cecelia Caldiera, Lauren O’Connor, Nick Welch, Eugene Terry and Somer Stampley plus a foreword from DX (Distort zine, Total Control) and an introduction from the author. Absolute highest recommendation - a truly valuable document of contemporary rock'n'roll music and culture. Full color newsprint stock with glossy cover, stapled. Edition of 1000.

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