Goodbye Boozy

Research Reactor Corp/The Freakees "split" 7"

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R.R.C., "Humanities attempt at harnessing unlimited energy has ended 
with disastrous results. Sydney has been declared a toxic waste zone. 
terminating: life.exe...
The people have tried their best to take down the reactor once and for all, 
only to fail miserably. Now, its radiation emits a frenzy unlike anything seen before, 
leaving hazardous slimy residue on walls, while a thick blanket of radioactive 
smog looms over the city. Do the people stand a chance?
Until next time.
...termination: life.exe - failed."( Harakiri Diat )

FREAKEES , "deranged reverb-y vocals that are on 
the edge of a nervous breakdown at all times. 
They have an intense energy and rawness that I feel is lacking in 
much straightforward punk, and this is excellent to my ears." ( MRR)

limited 280 copies 

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