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R.M.F.C. "Reader" 7"

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Back in stock & recommended! R.M.F.C. (or Rock Music Fan Club) is the brain child of 18-year-old Buz Clatworthy, who writes, performs and records all of the groups output himself in his bedroom in South-east NSW.
The project began in late 2018 after showing a friend a demo, in which they encouraged a proper release.
The first cassette, Hive, Vol. 1 was released September ’18 on Slime Street records, and a lineup was formed to play the songs live shortly after.After the release of the follow up Hive, Vol 2 cassette, all songs were compiled onto an LP that came out on Germany’s Erste Theke Tontraeger label.
The sound relies primarily on the heavy, driving basslines over dancey drum beats, blended with monotone, chant-like vocals
which make up R.M.F.C.
Reader turns a new leaf and shows us a darker and more technical side to the project, honing in more on Buz’s abilities as a songwriter and displaying a growing maturity while still managing to maintain
that familiar mischievousness.

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