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Qubic "Qubiquity" CS

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Introducting Qubiquity: "You need it!"

What is Qubiquity you ask? The latest and greatest from Discontinuous Innovation Inc, of course! We are quite exuberant to work with Qubic Co. to bring you, the consumer, an absolutely essential product that spans every demographic. The product that does it all: heats, cools, hoovers, sanitizes, rolls, reads, bakes, speaks, filters, adds, subtracts, delivers, bounces, drives, swims, writes, observes, soothes, retrieves and completes varying tasks of different degrees.

Qubic was founded by an individual simply known as "Joe". Based out of Montreal, Qubic is single-handedly the greatest Canadian export since the "All-Dressed" flavored potato chip snack.

So, what can Qubiquity by Qubic do for you? It's plain to see what exactly this product "is" and what this product "does". Why are you still reading this? Get on out there and "Qubic"!

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