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Mystic 100's - On a Micro Diet 2xLP

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Recommended. MYSTIC 100’S , formally known as MILK MUSIC
Are an underground psychedelic rock group from Washington State.
The band first gained worldwide notoriety with their self-released debut “Beyond Living” in 2010, and since then have enjoyed critical acclaim and a steady cult following, despite being notoriously hard to find information about, and seldom seen performing live since 2013. The current line up is a sextet featuring Alex Coxen (guitar vocals), Dave Harris (guitar), Charles Waring (bass), Abby Dahlquist (piano/synthesizer), Joe Rutter & Travis Coster (percussion)

“On a Micro Diet” (Listening House) is the band’s first new release since the “dark witted and heavy lidded eco blues”* of 2017’s ‘MYSTIC-100’S’ (Dom America)

At 75 minutes, “Micro Diet” is a lofty collection of music. Inspired by frequent LSD use, the record features a wide range of musical styles that might all fit under the umbrella terms of “groovy’’ and “out there” , constantly shifting between stretches of coherent rhythmic groove and structural collapse.

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