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Milt "The Days of Milt" CS

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Recommended! Numbered edition of 50. "Melbourne's constant and inexhautible suply has in Weenog and sister band MILT two of the greatest supporters of that unlimited scene, although in our humble shitty opinion MILT has just scored a 12 out of 10, releasing a really fascinating album, that even being undoubtedly Punk with a furious garagy touch, has the virtue of soaking all the tracks in a primitive 70s character, that makes this one insanely juicy and instantaneous, in which they combines maddly enraged wild moments, with others commanded by a potent sense of KBD, and even in some moments where the recursive linearity and the "spoken word" impose themselves, powerfully reminiscent of a seminal Post-punk, that driven by an accurate bass, make this album an unusual fabulous piece that we really did not expect to discover today, capable of making from The Wiggles' "Fruit Salad" such a mind-blowing cover!" - Tremendo Garaje.

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