It Thing - Syrup LP *Translucent Purple*

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Recommended! Translucent purple vinyl - 150 pressed.

Formed in Hobart’s beloved Brisbane Hotel beer garden in early 2019 over a thirst for classic punk rock and not much else to do, It Thing have been gracing Tassie stages with vibrance and vigour ever since. The 4 piece, half of whom are now Melbourne based, have developed a reputation for fierce live shows with a powerful visual persona, taking cues from the angular extravagance of the 80’s new-wave.

It Thing blend the vocal delivery of B52’s, Divinyls or The Motels, with the speed and intensity of Ramones & Bad Brains. They weave clever social commentary through their on-surface mundane, diary-like lyrics encouraging re-listens and personal interpretations. At the end of the day, contextualising aside, Gavan-Glover says “It Thing just want to make some noise, and we’re proud of that”.

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