Hooper Crescent "Object Permanence" LP

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Recommended! Edition of 150. Following the release of their self-titled EP cassette at the end of 2018, and a line-up change adding two of Melbourne’s most productive players Ash Stirling (Hideous Towns, Spit and Spherical) and Gemma Helms (No Sister, Poppongene, Mares, Astral Skulls) to round out the group alongside Sam Cummins, Kate Allan and Ian Ngo, Hooper Crescent spent 2018/2019 writing songs for their debut full-length.

In the winter of 2019, they turned a vacant home in the town of Toolleen into a makeshift studio for four days and recorded the album with engineer/producer Mino Peric.

The album references touchstones from underground musical history from the angular guitars and rhythms of A Certain Ratio and Pylon to contemporary carriers of the torch Cate Le Bon and Omni, whilst remaining specific to the time and space they exist within.

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