Sorry State

Gimmick "S/T" 7" *Red vinyl*

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Sorry State released Gimmick’s Quarantine cassette in 2020, and now they’re back with their debut vinyl. While Gimmick’s snotty, noisy chaos recalls 80s greats like Sick Pleasure, they don’t sound like a retro band, just a group of young punks sipping from the same cocktail of frustration, anxiety, and hormones that have powered so many loud and fast bands across punk’s history. Through a perfectly gritty recording, Gimmick delivers an eleven-minute burst of bile, climaxing with the closing “Grease Trap,” whose riff sounds like Kurt Cobain grew up seeing bands like Gag and Glue in seedy basements. 

Limited to 300 copies, all on hellfire red vinyl.

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