Fried Egg "Beat Session Vol. 4" CS

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Restocked! The latest in the series of Beat Sessions produced and released by Mike Kriebel at The Golden Beat in LA. Having been able to actually experience one of these sessions as the bass player of Fried Egg, I have an even greater appreciation for how Mike's setup lends itself to the true live sound of a punk/hardcore band. The setup is very simple, Peel Session style - load in, get some levels, and hit it. We did the whole thing in maybe five hours including setup and breakdown, recording straight to 2" tape. Anyhow, if you enjoyed the previous sessions from Uranium Club, P22, and Urochromes, then have faith in Fried Egg! This batch of tracks represents a good chunk of our live set on that West coast tour - featuring a couple tracks off the previous EPs on Beach Impediment and Negative Jazz, plus three new ones that will eventually make it to our 12" on Feel It. Oh yeah, and I'd say we did a pretty decent job with covering "Land of the Brave" by Mecht Mensch. Perhaps my favorite Fried Egg recordings yet. Pro duplicated sound as well. Shout Recordings.

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