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Fake Last Name "It'll Happen Again" CS

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Recommended! NEW project from Marance of SPLLIT! "Fake Last Name’s “It’ll Happen Again” is an empty pit that sits at the bottom of the stomach, like a pomegranate seed to Persephone. That’s what this mishmash sound collage turn noise exertion is about. An ugly feeling within the gut. Writing pulled from the steps between the depths of disgust and breath found in 2020. An urge to make noises late at night when the world rests. To feel bass lines that moved through space and time when finding an up and down felt like going through underwater traps. Coming up for air is “It’ll Happen Again.” Feeling the lock and key is “It’ll Happen Again.” Stupid and utterly hopeless worlds that had to be split up between field recordings collected over some years. A passport out, a ticket in. A gnat storm. Steal it, burn it, place it on a shelf to collect dust."

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