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Eternal Dust "Spiritual Healers, Defence Lawyers" LP *Preorder*

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*Preorder: Ships around the release date of February 17.*

Forged by Ebonny Munro, Oscar Sulich, and Finn Parker in 2019, Eternal Dust emerged almost fully formed; their unique smokey shimmer and immersive live shows quickly becoming part of that city's soundtrack.

In their full length debut, ‘Spiritual Healers, Defense Lawyers’, Eternal Dust flow through the realms of dream pop, art rock, trad-goth, and post-punk; interweaving hazy melodic textures that swell bulbous with fervent emotion and melancholy.

Whilst invoking the romanticism and deep longing found in the sounds of their forebears, Eternal Dust firmly place their sound amongst the back drop of modern Sydney. Make no mistake; this is no throwback nor pastiche. This is undeniably a product of the Great Sydney Underground; that history in their swagger, that family in their shake.

Dream of a night at The Bronze followed by a crawl in The Cross and you might get an idea of the beauty to be found in ’Spiritual Healers, Defense Lawyers’.

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