Iron Lung

Electric Chair "Performative Justice" 7" *Translucent Red vinyl*

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Repress on translucent red vinyl. BACK IN STOCK & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "Imagine KORO, DISORDER and BATTALION OF SAINTS mixed together and you start to get an idea of where the new ELECTRIC CHAIR EP starts off. It doesn't sound like any of those bands but we just need you to keep that in your head. There ain't much going on in there anyway right? Frantic 80's style hardcore punk punk punk from members of BETA BOYS here. This style has been popping up more and more in the Northwest and we couldn't be more delighted. In short, this band rips and you should hear it, so slip in to something fingerless and jam this at maximum volume.
Repress on transparent purple vinyl. Art by the band. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Will Killingsworth." -Iron Lung.

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