Dumb Punts "The Big One" LP

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Refreshingly honest and punchy to a fault, The Big One’s gritty and catchy songs suit to lift up those railing against convention – the wage slaves, the back-alley brawlers, the riotous punks and the lovers of anything loud. Dumb Punts aren’t here to terrorise – they just wanted to blast out the cobwebs and bullshit through pure (albeit noisy) expression. Ain’t nothing to fault with that. The Big One is a fine addition to Australia’s garage and pub rock lineage – proof that good things never die.

Less thuggish and belligerent and more irreverent and malleable by nature, The Big One catches the Punts at a crucial juncture, where diesel-powered riffs and snotty choruses are melded with lyrical scrutiny and an overall sonic spit-shine. This churning collection of quick-hitting jams has been imbued with enough mongrelised energy to sway even the most stone-footed individuals towards a hearty stomp, but with each fist pump comes a wink and a nod to what lies underneath.

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