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Drill: Permanent 12" (blue swirl)

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Time flies when you’re having none! DRILL’S first and last LP, Permanent, listens like a many sided die. The intrepid trio wired in eight songs, recorded live in two days by Lucas Knapp out of a basement in Philly.

Seems the band really took that one Pink Floyd song to heart - instead of fading away, they’re slamming a resignation notice on your desk and then promptly setting fire to the building.

With Permanent, DRILL has issued a decisively freaky last missive that pans from artful noise pop to dialed in hardcore punk.

No matter which number you land on, any roll of the die takes you on a different musical path. DRILL’s last hurrah is one you can listen to over and over again. “Eggs for Now” is a sad pop song wrapped up in a spiky synthy bow, replete with an introspective lilting bass melody that weaves throughout the song. Then there’s “Pipsqueak,” set in the Brooklyn blackout of 2005 - a jaunty song that is a game of hide and seek and hide again. Ryser’s vocals add a perfect fifth layer, and much like her basslines, tie the whole thing together with effortless finesse.

Though the album is titled Permanent, everything about it is about a series of goodbyes. Ultimately, even the insert instructs you not to be too precious with it: it contains instructions which direct you to fold the insert into a boat and sail it away. Cheeky as always, the band says goodbye in the only way they know how – the last line of it reads: Remember: Nothing is permanent. 

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