Dr. Sure's Unusual Practice "Remember The Future? Vol. 2 & 1" LP *Translucent Green vinyl*

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Note: very minor corner creasing. some copies have minor splitting at top seam - nicest ones served first!

Recommended! Translucent Green vinyl w/ booklet.

"Dr. Sure's Unusal Practice's latest album, "Remember The Future? Vol. 2 & 1" is nothing but an oustanding string of gems of the most exciting and current new wavy-post punk aussie, which despite having the inevitable weird touch that only that land gives, can't avoid having its roots in the ancestral sounds of primordial 70s post-punk, something that is evident in insane tracks such that early The Fall-esque piece called "I Hope U Die (As Happy As U Are Today)", that we can't and don't want to get out of our heads, and that's just to name some of the masterpieces that make up this essential album, a 2021 must-have!" -Tremendo Garaje


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