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Declared a ‘mixtape’, Dr Sure’s BUBBLE consists of 7 tracks recorded in solitude over the course of a 2 week period. Single ‘Outside Looking In’ is a marker of the project to come, leaning into electronic elements more than ever before, with nods to Krautrock, New Wave and Ambient music.

Those familiar with Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice will remember the 2020 twin EP’s ‘Scomo Goes To Hawaii’ and ‘While Aus Burns’. Musically BUBBLE exists in a similar solo/experimental space - led by synths and drum machines - as opposed to the band-driven post-punk of LP’s ‘The West’ (Marthouse Records, 2019) and ’Remember The Future? Vol. 2 & 1’ (Marthouse/Erste Theke Tontraeger, 2021).

‘Outside Looking In’, is a fitting transition from the observational social commentary of previous releases to the more insular and introspective scope of the BUBBLE project - songs exploring solitude, sorrow and (in)sanity coloured in wry humour. 

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