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Divorcer - Espionage 7"

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In Divorcer’s vinyl debut, the group spit into their own reflection, stomp their rain boots into the mud, and break open their multitudes. With major synth, big guitar sound and pleasing vocal harmonies, Divorcer examines such topics as: the kafka-esque experience of carceral systems and the medical industrial complex, the feeling of absolute dread toward the state of the world, and the demons creeping inside each and every one of us.

The 7-inch is titled Espionage, poking fun at national security and facing the fact that collectively the group holds very little power beyond their ability to produce rock hits. Undoubtedly, there is an allure to lies, secrecy and the unknown, but mostly they are embracing the overt camp of spy aesthetic (think childhood cartoons, Y2K era Charlie’s Angels, Austin Powers, or Sex Girl Patrol.) In their latest heavy-hitting release, Divorcer is still making light of Earth’s grim corners, only this time they are donning pleather jumpsuits.

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