Fuzzy Warbles

Cosmic Panthers "Life and Death at the Red Wall" CS

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Highly recommended! A very cool lockdown recording project beginning in Manchester, UK with singer Ian Moss linking up with Mekons/Delta 5 guitarman Jon Langford and collaborating with three US members in NYC, Chicago, and LA. What they've achieved here is great shit! The sound is appropriately Rough Trade/Fast Product reminiscent with various degrees of nihilistic British genius cutting through. Honestly, "Streets Gonna Get Ya" is about as close as anyone is going to get to sounding like The Fall in 2021 - which makes sense considering legendary Fall guitarist Craig Scanlon actually wrote the final track, "Something Better". Great tones and playing and sheer attitude across this whole thing. Cosmic Panthers are the shit! Pro-dubbed C40 with full color j-card and d/l code.

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