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Cel Ray - Piss Park 7" (black)

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"Chicago post-punks Cel Ray have returned with another fast, frenetic, funny freak show in the form of 4 new songs on a beautiful slab of wax.
Across this EP, vocalist Maddie Daviss warps day-to-day anxieties, ranging from finding the ideal location to publicly urinate to the struggle of attaching names to faces, into frenetically charged anthems, reminiscent of those of Poly Styrene and Su Tissue before her. Josh Rodin’s guitars jangle aggressively atop the punchy and urgent grooving of bassist Kevin Goggin and drummer/recording engineer Alex Watson, creating an angular framework as sincerely sardonic as the vocals that ride atop it.
Raw enough for the hardcore and refined enough for the hip, Piss Park fucks on its own terms. »

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