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Ben Chasny, Donovan Quinn & James Toth Head Voice #1 Magazine

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"You're Doing Nothing Wrong" is the motto of Head Voice, a new audio recording zine founded by Donovan Quinn, Ben Chasny, and James Toth. Focusing on creative musical pursuits and unorthodox sound production, Head Voice strives to be of interest to those intrigued by the imaginative ingenuity behind audio recordings, and is tailored from the threads of a thousand conversations between recording musicians concerning the creative, non-technical aspects of sound recording. Rather than overflowing tips and tricks concerning how-to-do-this and how-to-do-that, Head Voice is more interested in the joy of recording while keeping in mind the primacy of the music. Dogmatic opinions about the “right” and “wrong” ways to create and record music tend to obscure and even dismiss the intuitive approaches that have been utilized to create art since the dawn of recorded time. Such strategies are often as unique, idiosyncratic, and individual as the artists who implement them, and these are the corners Head Voice wishes to explore, with the aim of presenting this shared knowledge as both a resource and inspiration. Issue # 1 features interviews and /or articles on: Cheval Sombre, Kristen Gallerneaux, Matt Valentine, Peter Laughner, Naomi Yang and Jason Quever.

6 x 8.25 in., black and white, 84 pages.

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