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American Devices - The Game We Never Win b/w Interlarding 7"

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American Devices are the best Montreal has to offer and have been since 1979. As once put by esteemed string strangler Chris Burns : The pairing of Trembles/Labelle guitar stylings rank up there with Reed/Morrison, Quine/Julian, Verlaine/Lloyd, Thunders/Sylvain, Ivy/Gregory, Ivy/Powers, Moore/Ranaldo, Young/Whitten, Leary/Haynes, Mercer/Million or any of the Beefheart duos. These 2 new tunes are the Devices in top form, widdled by time to the essential 4-part unit. Both songwriters deliver in their respective lanes, and the rythm section kicks the can along with inventive gusto. In a warped world, American Devices oeuvre would be life bending fodder for international bonehead punks, b-movie fanatics and prog nerds alike, but in this reality, they are banished to a profitless deal on the world's least respected underground record label. Lucky for us, misery loves company.

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