BROWN SUGAR "...Sings of Birds and Racism" LP

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"Limited European repress of the long out of print Brown Sugar LP. In my mind, very few bands have made music that actually made some sort of impact over the past decade - and Brown Sugar sit near the top of that very short list. Forging links between all the styles of music that matter - Cleveland Hardcore, American Guitar Rock, Stones-inspired garage-punk, Neil Young freak-rock hippieism, they were a band that nearly summed up all that was good about rock'n'roll's past and present. And in true too-good-to-be fashion they of course flamed out and cut bait but not before blazing a Flag-like trail across the US on their one US tour. Listen, I could care less how these records came to be, I'm just glad to try and spread them around to the people that need to hear it - and that means ALL of you. And they look and sound great - someone took the time to alter/redesign the original covers, and added two new inserts that expound on the band mythology. Limited to 200 or less copies from what I've heard (and I only have a few), pressed loud and clear on the blackest of vinyl. No frills, all thrills."

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