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Feeling Figures "Feeling Figures" 7"

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Debut 7" by Feeling Figures
160 copies/black vinyl/stamped labels/fold over screen printed sleeve/post card.

FFO: Eric's Trip, Yo La Tengo, Magik Markers

DBPS turned new group for vinyl debut.

Feeling Figures emerges with a confident strut fit for a Cinnamon Girl on side A. “ Stare at the flowers and pull the weeds”. Try. Try not to let it get to your head. Try is an introspective foot print, mellow melodics and a math problem for an ending. On the flip is Never in Time. “Playing Tetris in the heart of a cul-de-sac, the pieces that fit ain’t coming back”. bouncy cloud staring swells, fuzz caterwauls and we’re on to the next statement. Person of Tomorrow: the sure fire hit, chromatically repugnant and spacially tight-wound. I think the photo used on the cover is a storyboard.

Heart or Brain, what do you value? Figure it out soon.

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