Celluloid Lunch

Celluloid Lunch #6 + Bubblegum Army 7" flexi

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Highly recommended! This issue is chalk full of fab interviews, reviews and more, plus it comes with an unreleased archival recording by Montreal’s Bubblegum Army from 1987 in flexi disc format. Get hip to it jerks.


Chris Burns, Kid Congo Powers, Sex Tide, Leopardo, Collate, Silicone Prairie, Crazy Doberman.

Plus the usual fine Aghrt, reviews and exceteras.

Contributors in an arbitrary order: Marc Bell, Billy Mavreas, Gart Darley, Jordan Darby, Sarah Hebert, Kael Mercader, Eyes & Flys, Wilford Barrington, Knox, Bill Direen, Rick Trembles, Beefus, Patrick Allaby, Phil Osborne, Erin O' Hare, Zak Slax, Allison O'Reilly, Thomas Molander, Doug Mosurock, Richie Charles, Ryan Leach, Justin Crowe, Scott Brown, Spunky Balboa, Adam Cavanaugh.

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