Goodbye Boozy

Aborted Tortoise "Scale Model Subsistence Vendor" 7"

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"Their new EP, Scale Model Subsistence Vendor, is one that backs this up once again. 
Arriving via cult-adored Italian punk label Goodbye Boozy Records, 
the EP brings together another four short-but-sweet bursts of energy to their discography, 
leaning moreso on the heavier side of their sound as they mould their rock sound with heavy punk
 influences that simultaneously feel nostalgic for the genre’s long-time heavyweights, 
while also being forward-thinking and modernised for the present. It’s sharp and succinct, 
relaying their Aborted Tortoise’s knack for heaving and ferocious 
guitar-backed rock and how they’re able to shape it into their own, characteristic flavour."
- PileRats -

Limited 250 copies

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