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Aus "II" LP

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Undoubtedly the most unyielding project to appear from the feverish production chain of Berlin’s Allee Der Kosmonauten collective, AUS return with the follow up to their fully-formed 2018 demo. Listeners may expect with this comes flashier adornments and ornamentation, but here the band pull the coil even tighter. ’II’ rides on a relentless backbeat of locked-in and almost anti-fanfare drumming while guitars lie in wait only to snap up in agitation. A synthesiser disfigures melody and the whole thing careens on a wire. One could try to draw feeble comparisons of early MALARIA! distributed in an alternate universe by PALE RECORDS, but this would only be disservice to this slab of unique cold punk for the true connoisseur. The anxiety of a strong pill with none of the come-up. Don’t those walls seem a little closer than they were before? ( Sean Haughton )
*Note: Minor corner creasing on jacket.*

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