September 2018 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 9/20/2018 to News
Hey everyone, back with a bit of Feel It news for ya - it's been a hectic month, between the four new releases that came out in August, managing the Pious Faults US tour, and prepping the upcoming U-Nix 12" and Vanilla Poppers 7" - I was given less than a month's notice to move out of the current Feel It HQ. In a way that's good, because I've pretty much outgrown my current setup and will be moving into a new spot that is essentially double the size. However, I now enter the daunting task of moving thousands of records, furniture, and belongings over the course of the next couple weeks. To try and free up as much room as possible, we are running a site-wide 20% off sale through the end of September. The only items excluded are new arrivals, but literally everything else, including the latest Feel It releases are 20% off, with free shipping for US orders of $60 or more.

I was hoping to have pre-orders ready for the U-Nix 12" and Vanilla Poppers 7", but the Poppers 7" has been plagued by a series of manufacturing issues, which is going to bump the release date of both of these records back to late October/early November. Still hoping to get band copies of both records to U-Nix and VP for their sets at Not Dead Yet. Those will be the last two Feel It releases for 2018, but we're not taking much of a break!

That's right, Fried Egg just recorded and mixed our Square One LP last weekend here in Richmond at Montrose Recording. It was one of the best recording sessions that I've ever been a part of, and I am very excited to get this one off to press! Recorded live to 2" tape (very much like our Beat Session) - this LP will feature 9 new tracks and artwork from Kohei Urakami and Jason Lee. Hoping to have a cassette version (or vinyl if we're lucky) out for a Fried Egg tour of the South in late December-early January. Stay tuned for updates!

Aside from our aforementioned 20% off sale, the NEW ARRIVALS section is absolutely packed with a slew of great new releases.

At the top of my list, we've got the MARBLED EYE LP, which will be a serious top-ten contender for 2018 releases. A perfect, angular display of postpunk saturated rhythm, executed with the taste and production to really stand apart from the droves of bands attempting this style. Also on the Digital Regress label, we've got the LANDLINE LP, which will definitely appeal to Suburban Lawns fans. This month we've also got two standout hardcore releases - both of which are the debut vinyl outings for Olympia's ELECTRIC CHAIR (great traditional early 80s USHC style, with members of BETA BOYS) and North Carolina's PUBLIC ACID (crushing, tastefully executed raw HC punk with noisier Japanese elements) - both are limited to 300 so hop on 'em! I've also gotta recommend the DRUM MACHINE CS, which is the latest iteration of Cleveland budget rock from 3/4 of Folded Shirt! We've got several other new Clevo demos in stock, the latest tape from Hattiesburg's JUDY AND THE JERKS, all of the new LA VIDA ES UN MUS releases (my fave being the debut HOLOGRAM 7"), the excellent ALIEN NOSEJOB full length (Aussie wave genius from Jake of Ausmuteants), plus some wild reissues like the NIHON NO WAVE 2xLP, ROLAND BLINN AND THE FISHERMEN 7", and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT LP. I'll stop there, but as usual, our hand-picked selection is some of the best in the game, and always worth your perusal.

First off, just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has helped out with a show or turned out to see PIOUS FAULTS on their US tour. From all reports, it's been going well, and the band has been excited to play with some neat locals as they trek all over the country. The tour is nearly done, but since some of these ending dates came together after our last update, here's what PF have left - West coasters take notice!

9/22 Austin @ Beerland w/ Hologram, Boofin Tylenol
9/25 Seattle @ Pizza Palace w/ Anoxia, Tiny Room
9/26 Olympia @ Westside Lanes w/ Gen Pop, Suck Lords
9/27 Portland @ American Legion Post 134 w/ Reek Minds, Putzfrau, Daydream
9/28 Oakland @ The Octopus Literary Salon w/ Inverts, Deimos Cult
9/29 LA @ House show w/ P22, Body Fluid, Safe Word

Also - VANILLA POPPERS are in the midst of a European tour right now! Check here for dates. Euros - don't miss VP, they are one of punk's best current live acts!

CROPPED OUT (our favorite music event and new yearly tradition) is just around the corner! Look for the Feel It distro set up at Turners all day long Oct 5 & 6. NEW this year, I'll be sharing the table with my bud Brandon Gaffney (who you'll recognize as the guitar whiz of Cement Shoes, Tapehead, Brown Sugar, etc.) and his seriously tasty stash of clean used records from all over the map.

Beyond that, there are a TON of gigs happening in Richmond over the span of the next month - we've got THREE more Australian bands coming through town and Cement Shoes are doing a little Northeast run too:

9/23: Cement Shoes, BATO, NFA, Ghouli @ Strange Matter RVA (7" flexi comp release gig!) 4pm matinee
9/24: Dissekerad (Sweden), Lipid, Destruct @ Mojo's RVA
9/30: Orion (Australia), Serqet, +1tba @ Crystal Palace RVA
10/8 Paranoid (Sweden), Mind Dweller Sinister Purpose @ VSC RVA
10/9 Marbled Eye, Dark Web, Slump, True Body @ Strange Matter RVA
10/16 Exek (Australia), Cement Shoes, Naked Baby @ Gallery House RVA
10/18 Subdued (UK), Taz (NYC), Haircut, Firing Squad @ Crystal Palace RVA
10/20 BB & The Blips (Australia), Benderheads, Ugly Muscle @ My Noodle RVA
10/22 Permission (UK), Fried Egg, Ugly Muslce @ VSC RVA
10/25 Cement Shoes, Corvo @ Chill Factory DC
10/26 Savageheads, Bloodsuckers, Cement Shoes @ Ask a punk, Brooklyn
10/27 Cement Shoes, Cold Feet (7" release!) @ TBA, Baltimore

Ok, that's it for now, stay cool and stay tuned for more.
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