September 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 9/18/2017 to News
Hello everyone, as summer comes to an end I've got a ton happening with the label, so here's our September update! I was hoping to have the DIRTY & HIS FISTS 7" ready, as well as a slew of distributed releases from our Australian pals at No Patience, but it should only be another few weeks before all of those are ready.

First off, I want to share an update on how our fundraiser to relief efforts in Charlottesville went. Feel It contributed a percentage of August sales, totaling $233 to Charlottesville Victim Relief! Very happy to have contributed to helping my hometown. Thanks to everyone who placed an order since I announced the fundraiser.

Okay, so moving onto label news, the vinyl is actually already here for the next Feel It release - the debut 7" from LA punks
DIRTY & HIS FISTS. The print parts for this release are all currently in production so it should only be another few weeks before this killer 7" is in circulation. I went ahead and posted the entire EP on Bandcamp as well.

Stream/download DIRTY & HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" (FEEL IT 13) out in October!

After that, I've got two more 7"s at the plant and on schedule for a December release. While I've already announced the debut 7" from Richmond's HAIRCUT, Feel It will also be releasing a new RIK AND THE PIGS 7"! Very glad to have the Pigs back for another record. This record is super fresh, recorded in Portland at the tail end of the Pigs' West coast tour in July. This time the entire six piece lineup plays on the record, including the sax player. Much like the upcoming LP on Total Punk, the sound of this material is much fuller (notice how I didn't say "produced", we're still talking punk rock here) and very representative of the Pigs' killer live show. Three cuts appear on the 7", including new versions of "TV Bloopers" and "Off/On" plus the brand new "Blue Jean Queen", which kicks off Side A. For now, here's "TV Bloopers", mastered by Josh Bonati.

Stream "TV Bloopers" by RIK AND THE PIGS from their upcoming 7" (FEEL IT 15).

I've also got a small repress of RIK AND THE PIGS "Life's A Bust" 7" due to land with the new 7". The first pressing of 700 is nearly sold out and with the new Pigs LP and 7" hitting soon, plus some touring action (check for dates below!), it only makes sense to keep "Life's A Bust" in print, right?!

THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party" LP reissue hit some more production snags and has been delayed indefinitely.

Oh, and we just said goodbye to
CHRISTI, who played their last show in late August with Sheer Mag and Haram. Fortunately the band got around to putting their final recordings out on pro cassettes, and I just added those to the site.

First things first,
CROPPED OUT 2017 is happening this weekend in Louisville, KY and I'll have the Feel It distro set up at the American Turners Club on Friday 9/22 and Saturday 9/23. Fried Egg plays at 2:45pm on Saturday, but other than that I'll be hanging out at the Feel It table most of the time, with some cool NEW SHIRTS designed by Shiva aka Informationman from Kaleidoscope. I just picked these up and they look incredible! Note that the actual tees are a bit lighter, more of a "sapphire", if you will. I'll have the leftover tees in the webstore next week, but if you want to request a certain size (or even a different colorway for when I print more) simply respond to this email with any requests.

Come October,
FRIED EGG is hitting the road yet again for a short tour around Not Dead Yet in Toronto, where we'll be joining a ton of killer contemporary acts, including RIK AND THE PIGS and KALEIDOSCOPE. I will have the distro in tow - which also means that all webstore orders placed after Friday October 6 will not ship until Tuesday October 17. Ok, so here are those Fried Egg dates, a few of which are with Buffalo, NY's RADIATION RISKS.

10/7 Philly @ Timecube w/ Dark Thoughts, Dialer
10/8 Hadley, MA @ Tears for Sears w/ Meat Dreams, Gay Mayor
10/9 Sherbrooke, QC @ TBA w/ Radiation Risks
10/10 Montreal @ Braserie Beaubien w/ Radiation Risks, Total Bliss, Boar God
10/11 Ottawa @ Pressed w/ Radiation Risks, Doxx
10/13 Toronto - Not Dead Yet Gig #3 @ Sneaky Dees
10/15 Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/ Yambag, Weed Whacker

RIK AND THE PIGS Austin + Northeast tour (*many dates with PATSY)
10/6 Austin Weekend at Barry's w/ Giuda, the Leash, the Whiffs, Little Fish, the Rubs, Cheap Fur
10/7 Austin Weekend at Barry's w/ Secret Prostitutes, Nosferatu, the Cowboys, Breakout, Bondage, Trouble Boys, Loteria
10/9 Cleveland w/ Patsy, the Cowboy, Street Gurgler @ Now That's Class
10/10 Pittsburgh w/ Patsy, Peace Talks, Painted Eyes @ Camp Clarke
10/11 Rochester w/ Patsy
10/12 Montreal w/ Patsy, Narcoestado, HVAC, Faze, ODD @ l'Esco
10/14 Toronto Not Dead Yet Gig #9 @ Coalition
10/15 Buffalo
10/16 Boston w/ Video Filth, Bombers, Security @ Jeanie Johnstons
10/17 NYC w/ Kaleidoscope, C.H.E.W., Mati @ Brooklyn Bazaar
10/18 NYC
10/19 Philadelphia w/ Blank Spell, Mint @ 1810 Bouvier St

Ok I'll keep this short since this is a pretty massive email, but I'm keeping the distro well stocked as always with new arrivals posted to the site several times a week. I've had THE COWBOYS-Vol. 4 LP on constant rotation, but aside from that the new URCHIN 7", PUBLIC EYE LP, BOOJI BOYS 7", and CHOW LINE CS come highly recommended. I also stocked up on some zines (which there has been a serious lack of in 2017) including Negative Insight, Dynamite Hemmorhage, and the Scratch'N'Sniff collection.

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

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