July 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 7/18/2017 to News
Hey folks, another month has flown by and it's time for a newsletter update. I spent the past couple of weeks moving into a new place and after finally getting settled, it's about time to take off for tour. In case you missed any of my previous posts, FRIED EGG will be leaving for a West coast tour in just over a week! I will not have the distro on tour since we're flying, but will have a few copies of recent Feel It releases and the band will have a whole bunch of merch including a new shirt design from Lumpy and these crisp risograph posters.

7/27 Portland - Blackwater
7/28 Santa Rosa - The Church on 5th
7/29 SF - Hemlock Tavern
7/30 LA - Rec Center
8/1 Tijuana - Moustache Bar
8/2 Grover Beach - Skip Gibson's BBQ
8/3 Oakland - The Octopus
8/4 Eugene - TBA
8/6 Olympia Hardcore Fest matinee - Le Voyeur
8/7 Seattle - The In
8/8 Vancouver - 333

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First off, the distro will remain open while I'm on tour, but any orders placed after Tuesday July 27 will not ship until Monday August 14.
Just added a serious heaping of new arrivals to the site today, including two monstrous new Texan HC/punk LPs from GLUE and IMPALERS, the new SHEER MAG full length, ruling new hardcore 7" EPs from THE BUG, CRIATURAS, and KOMBAT, and cassettes from INNOCENT, BRAINWASHED CALIFORNIA, EYE JAMMY, BLUE DOLPHIN, and more! I'll also have the SACRIFICIO LP on Cintas Pepe and new Total Punk 7"s in later this week. That'll be about it for new arrivals until I'm back from tour.

Coming in WAY ahead of schedule, we have test presses for DIRTY AND HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" in hand! Just waiting on the band to approve tests and finalize artwork, meaning this record should be out late August/early September. In case you missed our last update, you can stream a track from the record below.

Listen to "Whistleblower" from DIRTY & HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" (FEEL IT 13) out Fall 2017!

We've also made some progress on THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party!" LP reissue. The lacquers are being cut in August and artwork is just about finalized. Should be sending that off with another new release we're proud to announce - the 7" vinyl debut for HAIRCUT. If you missed their excellent Criatura demo from 2016 (and there is precisely one copy left in our webstore) do yourself a favor and check out one of Virginia's best and most relevant hardcore punk groups in years. The band just packed up and moved from Charlottesville to Richmond and recorded a killer 5 track EP, which I instantly asked to release. Haircut are going back to put some finishing touches on the mix, then we should have a preview track to share with you in our August update. In the meantime, check out these three new Haircut tracks from a promo tape, which we'll have copies of later this summer.

                             HAIRCUT live at Magnolia House in Charlottesville, VA

Also look for FRIED EGG and the Feel It distro at CROPPED OUT in Louisville, Kentucky from Sept 22-23!

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

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