May 2018 Update: GEN POP 7" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 5/11/2018 to News

Ladies and gents! May is upon us and what a month it has been already! The weather is amazing in Richmond right now, the GEN POP 7" is officially out, and I'm counting down the days until I finally get to hit the road again on CEMENT SHOES tour. I just had the realization that there are seven Feel It releases in production at the pressing plant right now, which is already about double our output in all of 2017. Holy smokes. It is a bit daunting, but with your support, I know this is going to be the best year that the label has ever seen. Lets get the fun disclaimer thing outta the way - I am leaving for tour on Saturday May 19 - which means you have exactly one week to place an order and have it shipped the next business day. Otherwise, any orders placed after May 18 will not ship until (at least) May 29.


We are back with the third Feel It release this year, the first true EP from Olympia punk luminaries GEN POP, following the vinyl pressing of their demo session on Lumpy/Upset The Rhythm. This is an incredibly exciting record for me, one that is so original and forward-thinking that it smashes most contemporary punk and hardcore attempts to a mere pulp. It's actually difficult to articulate exactly why GEN POP are one of the best current bands, so I had a friend write some words on the EP below.

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"On not-so-distant horizons, when we've all heard everything, what aesthetic flavors will prevail? The era of good taste is upon us everyone. Your play-acting rendition of that Brazilian d-beat demo or British long-haired mace-wielders or Midwestern pocket-protector-perverts does not impress me, as I too have an internet connection and as a matter of fact my little sister uploaded all that to Youtube upon her 12th birthday. I swiftly gave them all a thumbs down. Gen Pop, on the other hand, gets a thumbs up. This band sounds like they've been raised exclusively on the synth/female-oriented KBD cuts, but with the confidence of those mid-00's Scandinavians who came over to our big trailer park knowing exactly how good they looked and sounded. It has some in vogue Australian elements, but luckily Olympia does not swelter to the point of their guitarists simply walking a clean telecaster around like a tenured poet at community college, butterfly kisses, pulling your knob switch foot. Catchy, snotty old-world flavors served up cold in the fusion restaurant that is our futureless American paradigm. Wonderful!" - Brandon Gaffney

Make sure to check below for tour dates because GEN POP is heading out on a month-long tour that spans most of the upper continental US (and two Canadian dates) in just a few weeks! After that I've heard that they are headed to Europe this summer, so watch out!
Speaking of Olympia bands, we
now have preview tracks posted for both the STIFF LOVE 7" and BETA BOYS LP that will be out in August. Artwork is still materializing for both releases but I just put together this pretty sweet clip of a BETA BOYS track with some recent band photos taken at Courtney Love's abandoned property in Olympia.

And on top of that, there's even more good news - while I've been championing Australian bands, labels, and zines forever, I've never actually released an Australian band on vinyl. Well, that's all about to change, with PIOUS FAULTS from Brisbane. Aside from a brief feature in a recent issue of Distort and a demo cassette that hardly reached US listeners, PIOUS FAULTS are all but a mystery...until now. Come August, Feel It will be releasing Old Thread, a nine track 45rpm 12" record of epic proportion. PIOUS FAULTS are this wild, idealistic, abnormally tight unit of stark and original hardcore punk. I can see fans of Saccharine Trust, Spike In Vain, Dry Rot, and NSU really enjoying this, so uh, step aboard with "Cope", mastered by Mikey Young. Look for Pious Faults to tour most of the US in August & September! More on that soon.

June will bring the long-in-the-works reissue of THE LANDLORDS 1984 LP, Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! plus the second pressing of RIK AND THE PIGS Blue Jean Queen 7". There is a chance that the INSINUATIONS 7" reissue may be ready too, but I just got the crappy news that one of the stampers arrived to the plant cracked, thus the record has to be replated, and we're probably gonna miss the deadline on that one, oh well.

Holy smokes. This newsletter is already bursting attention spans, so I'll try and be efficient here. The distro is wildly stacked with new goods right now! Highlights include the BROWN SUGAR "Long Strange Drip" LP (collects over an hour of singles, comp tracks, and unreleased goods from this seminal Rustbelt group), several new releases from LA VIDA ES UN MUS (the OJO POR OJO LP especially rules), and the new Beat Session cassette from IMPALERS is just insane. Fellow Richmond label Dig! is back in the game with a serious reissue from Seattle circa 1980 with SHATTERBOX and their oddball rock'n'glam punker effort that rivals The Joneses and Heartbreakers for trash prize, but with their own snotty twist. The CHILD'S POSE 7" is a particularly underrated new gem from the UK. We are fully stocked up on new local/regional cassettes from the likes of GUMMING, DESTRUCT, and THE ATTACHMENTS. Oh, and if you're looking for a decent fanclub copy of the NO TREND "Too Many Humans" LP - I think that Feel It is the only place in the US that was able to score a grip, meaning they're gonna fly.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!
Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

CEMENT SHOES tour begins in just over a week and the dates are pretty much finalized. We'll have a new tape, shirts, and other fun stuff.
Here's the route:
Sat 5/19 Raleigh @ The Bunker w/ Mind Dweller, Scarecrow
Sun 5/20 Atlanta @ The EARL w/ Tit, Rapturous Grief
Mon 5/21 Hattiesburg, MS w/ Judy and the Jerks, Soft Spot
Tues 5/22 New Orleans @ Poor Boys
Weds 5/23 Memphis @ Lamplighter Lounge w/ Hash Redactor
Thurs 5/24 St. Louis @ CBGB w/ Q, Newt Patrol, Body Leash
Fri 5/25 Chicago @ Bric-A-Brac Records (matinee gig before The Spits show)
Sat 5/26 Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/ Aquarium, Drum Machine, Straight A's, Roobydocks
Sun 5/27 Pittsburgh @ Rock Room w/ Blood Pressure

I really wish that I could tell you all more about the GEN POP tour dates, here is all I have for the moment. Hopefully the June newsletter will arrive in your inbox in time for some of the unannounced dates to be announced. The band will have copies of the new 7" on Feel It, of course!

6/2 Spokane
6/3 Boise @ The Manor w/ Choir Boys
6/4 Denver
6/5 Kansas City @ Kum N Go w/ Erik Nervous, The Whiffs
6/6 St. Louis @ Blank Space w/ The MKII, Miss Lady, Pineapple R'nr', Mom
6/7 Indianapolis @ State Street Pub w/ The MKII, Amethyst Gaze, Total Disgust
6/8 Richmond @ VSC w/ Haircut, No Love, Itsy Bitsy
6/9 DC
6/10 Philly @ Beautiful World Syndicate w/ The Smarthearts
6/11 NYC @ JMZ House w/ Kaleidoscope, Sister Anne, Twisted Thing
6/12 Montreal @ La Sotterenea w/ No Negative, Body Break
6/13 Toronto
6/14 Chicago
6/15 Minneapolis
6/16 Omaha
6/18 Salt Lake City
6/19 Portland

Okay, that's IT for now. Until next time...


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