January 2018 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 1/25/2018 to News
Hey folks, hope 2018 is off to a great start for you all. January has flown by around here! The new Rik and the Pigs + Haircut 7"s are both doing quite well (less than 40 Pigs and under 10 Haircut left on color) and my new band Cement Shoes finally released our demo. I also just finished assembling the three latest issues of DISTORT zine, which are all live on the site now. If you have a US subscription, it has already been mailed!

DISTORT #51 (Distort Melbourne): Interview with Melbourne artist and musician Jim McCullough. Full color front cover featuring Jim's artwork.
DISTORT #52 (Distort Sydney): Interviews with Orion, Royal Headache, Crime Spree, Nasho, Fatalitas, BB & The Blips.
DISTORT #52 (Distort Queensland): Interviews with Comrade Xero, Pious Faults, Sex Drive, Lena Molnar, Andrew Mclennan.


2018 is off to a pretty great start, right?! First and foremost, we have copies of the incredible RIK AND THE PIGS "A Child's Gator" LP. Already running very low on those, so snag one asap if you need one. Also have copies of the fantastic 2nd LP from Canadian punkers BOOJI BOYS, restocked on Paradise Daily releases (including the SEX TOURISTS 12"), and the amazing debut 7" from Australia's PARSNIP, plus much more. Free shipping always applies for all US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!


Our first two releases of 2018 are right around the corner! THE COWBOYS "Volume 4" LP (US pressing with two tracks not on the UK pressing, cut loud at 45rpm) and "Live at Tony's Garage" 7" (three originals and a killer Sonics cover, recorded live to tape in a California garage!). Just got word that test presses will be arriving on Monday, and all of the print parts are nearly done, so stay tuned for a **fingers crossed** February release date. There will be color vinyl for both records as well.

Beyond that, I just sent off for the GEN POP "II" 7", which is due to be out in May. Previously I had mentioned that this would be a 12", but we decided that all 6 tracks could be cut at 45rpm on a 7" without the need for a DJ'ed remix track to take up the entire B-side of a 12". This new material is incredible and easily tops the demo-to-vinyl 7" released on Lumpy/Upset The Rhythm. Hopefully I'll have a preview track to share soon. I am also booking a Gen Pop US tour from June 1-23, so watch for them across the country this summer!

Speaking of tours, a bunch of bands on the label are hitting the road in March. I'll have full dates in next month's update, but here's what you can expect:

RIK & THE PIGS - West coast (late Feb-mid March)
HAIRCUT - Midwest/East coast (early March)
THE COWBOYS - South/Texas/Midwest (mid March)

Also of note - KALEIDOSCOPE are having a release show for their upcoming, self-released 7" on February 24 in NYC. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out this preview track. I'll have plenty of copies in the distro once this record is available.

That's about it for now. Until next time...

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