October 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 10/20/2017 to News
Hey folks! October has flown by, and what a busy month it's been! I returned from another fun and successful Fried Egg tour earlier this week. Couldn't have asked for a better time and hospitality, especially in Toronto at Not Dead Yet Fest. Great to finally meet some of you in person! Anyhow, I tried to scoop up a bunch of new releases while on the road and came home to a full mailbox, so the site is loaded with an incredible selection of new arrivals. But lets get to the big news here, Feel It is proud to unleash our thirteenth release today - the debut 7" from DIRTY & HIS FISTS.
Los Angeles punks DIRTY & HIS FISTS deliver a knockout four song EP on their vinyl debut, following a standout demo cassette. For the uninitiated, DIRTY & HIS FISTS have quickly become one of the best American punk bands alive, and one of the few to match powerful writing and performance with some of the best studio production out there. The Fists easily eclipse their demo with this new EP, incorporating a crunchy layer of synth, pounding rhythm section (featuring new drummer Sam Bosson), and ace production from guitarist/vocalist Mike Kriebel, who you may recognize as producer of recent Beat Sessions for Uranium Club, Urochromes, and P22. An undeniably great and memorable American punk record. Packaged in a reverse board pocket sleeve with an 7"x11" lyric insert and digital download.
Click here to stream/download the digital release.

I just approved tests presses for both the HAIRCUT and RIK AND THE PIGS 7"s, so those are very much on schedule for a December release. Beyond that, I've got a few very exciting releases to announce later this year. 2018 is lining up to be a pretty great year of releases already.


As I mentioned earlier, the distro is flush with new arrivals and restocks, plus October just happens to have delivered some of the BEST new records of 2017 so far. Lets run things down real quick: the new batch of Lumpy Records are perhaps the label's strongest releases yet (GEN POP, U-NIX, VANILLA POPPERS, THE WORLD), LEBENDEN TOTEN are back with an incredible new LP, new SUBURBAN HOMES single is ace UK DIY punk, plus I picked up some releases from Montreal's Swollen City Records (NO NEGATIVE + ULTRARAT 7"s, IMPOTENTIE CS) and a grip of tapes from Runstate (including the final INEPSY session!). Beyond that the DENDO MARIONETTE LP is a great slice of archival Japanese 80's new wave/synth action, PATSY's new 12" is ruling the stereo, oh-and we finally have the new Feel It shirts up on the site! Anyhow, I'll leave it at that for now - as always I try and write 100% of the descriptions on the site, so check there for more. Also look for the Feel It radio show to make a return this winter! I am determined to keep that a regular feature from now on.

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

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