June 2019 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 6/14/2019 to News
Hey people, it has been quite some time since the last newsletter! Thankfully I got to see quite a few of y'all on Fried Egg tour or with Cement Shoes at Horrible Fest. Both outings were great fun, the hospitality was wonderful, and I even got to take a fun family vacation to Amsterdam after all the band stuff was done with...but now I'm back for a while, and it's time to catch up on label biz.
LABEL NEWS: New albums from PLEASURE LEFTISTS + CEMENT SHOES availble for preorder!

That's right, test presses have been approved, and the vinyl production and assembly are well underway for the next two Feel It releases. On July 12, we'll be releasing Pleasure Leftists "The Gate" and Cement Shoes "Too" on LP + CD! There are limited color vinyl options available for both if that's your thing. I'll leave ya with the official descriptions below. Preorders are set to ship in the next 3-4 weeks, please be patient and remember that anything ordered in addition to a preorder item will not ship until all preorder items are stocked + fulfilled, thanks!
Pleasure Leftists - "The Gate" LP/CD/digital
Preview track: "Try the Door"

Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS return with "The Gate", a new ten song album of cathartic, riveting post-punk excellence. The long-running group, comprised of veteran players in the Clevo scene, have turned in what is arguably their best recorded output - and the first since 2015's "The Woods of Heaven". For "The Gate", PL ventured out to Portland, OR in March 2019 to record on tape with Stan Wright (Arctic Flowers) - and the results are massive. Those familiar with previous PL material will immediately feel reacquainted with the group's masterful arrangements and cool, confident execution - a style that draws from the early British post-punk classics on labels like 4AD and Factory Records, but retains an organic, original sound that few contemporary acts harness. While "The Gate" undoubtedly benefits from the best studio sound of any PL release to date, the musicianship is what makes this album feel like an absolutely classic piece of work. The tones are perfect - almost as though Greg Sage dialed them in for a Wipers record. You'll immediately be taken by Haley Morris's vocal range and projection, which shines across the entire album and is absolute next level work. The sheer artistic quality of the songwriting is propelled along in perfect rhythm, as the guitar and bass play off of each other wonderfully, beginning the album with "In Dreams", which sets the tense and urgent nature of the tracks that follow. "The Return" dials the pace back slightly, allowing room for one of Morris's most memorable vocal patterns. As "Phenomenon" emerges from cold drone to begin the second half of the album, it quickly becomes apparent that PL have crafted a master work here. "Dancing in the Dark" could be a lost Homostupids track adapted to PL's sensibilities, followed along by the charging title track, and the gripping closer, "The Sign". Pleasure Leftists leave us with a phenomenal batch of tracks on "The Gate" - a gleaming, timeless piece of work.

First pressing of 400 Black LPs, 100 Opaque dark purple LPs, and 100 CDs.
Cement Shoes - "Too" LP/CD/digital
Preview track: "Boots"

Ahh yes, the Shoes, baby! Richmond, VA's CEMENT SHOES lay down eight new tracks on, "Too", their debut album. If you're new to Da Shoes, their debut 7" single on Feel It in 2018 left both reviewers and punk/hardcore millenials utterly confused and divided. The sage journalists at Razorcake even exclaimed, "This is the kind of genuine hardcore punk that could reach a pretty damn wide audience if the world were a different place." Well, it's 2019 now and the world hasn't changed one degree for the better, buddy! Thankfully, Cement Shoes have returned to drive the point home with their finest-and-fullest-sounding record yet. The Shoes are truly cooking with gas now, bringing the best elements of snappy 80s punk/HC and 70s hard rock to sonic fruition, with the necessary tongue-in-cheek sense of humor intact. "Too" presents itself as a sonic rendezvous where the '83 LA cast of punkers from "Suburbia", "Funhouse" era Stooges, Alice Cooper Band, Totalitär, and Cider are all invited. The whole room reeks of cheap beer and reefer, wah pedals lie on top of dirty shag carpet, and Joe Pesci is there to emcee the whole thing. Confused yet? So are we. But screw it, here's an album that sounds as timeless as the precious tape it was recorded on. A smoldering effigy to the way rock music used to simply exist and excite, and a shining example of where the unlimited data of the aughts can actually be stretched.

First pressing of 400 Black, 75 Psychedelic swirl with opaque white base [50 "Power Pak" editions include a bonus 7" flexi], 25 Psychedelic swirl with translucent clear base (exclusive to Lulu's - Melbourne, Australia), and 100 CDs.


The NEW ARRIVALS section is
brimming with summer hits from all yer favorite acts...we've got hot new releases from UROCHROMES, WARM BODIES, a sick new batch of HoZac reissues (MATT GIMMICK, ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS, JULIAN LEAL), WARTHOG-live in LA soundboard CS, RED LIGHT REAPERS demo (new band from Mike of Dirty & His Fists), new BEACH IMPEDIMENT releases from CONDOR, GAME, and WITCHTRIAL, the only North American copies of the new SCAB EATER LP from our Australian homie at No Patience, the final OUT COLD LP, debut PORNO GLOWS 12", new LP from NYC's L.O.T.I.O.N., long awaited new UV RACE LP, a smattering of classic Aussie archive/reissue material from legends COLOURED BALLS, holy shit-ARTICLES OF FAITH official 7" reissues, smashing new 7" EPs from SUCK LORDS + JUDY & THE JERKS, a bunch of hot new cassette demos...damn!


KALEIDOSCOPE and NOSFERATU do Europe! So proud of my buds in Kaleidoscope on their first true long-player, After The Futures... They're currently en route to Europe with Texas HC madmen NOSFERATU, and this tour starts Saturday! Both bands have new LPs out for tour on La Vida Es Un Mus, and you better believe we'll have the respective US pressings of each to distro in the near future. Also make sure to catch the Kaleidoscope homecoming/record release/benefit gig in Brooklyn on July 6 w/ T.A.Z., Headsplitters, and S.P.I.C.

Copenhagen (15)*
TBA (17)
Amsterdam (18)
Brussels (19)
Lyon (20)
Milan (21)
Zagreb (22)
Budapest (23)
Vienna (24)
Warsaw (25)
Prague (26)
Leipzig (27)
Madrid (29)*
Barcelona (30)*


CEMENT SHOES go to Australia? Wot, mate?! It's true. The fine details are still being hashed out, but Cement Shoes are headed to Australia in November around Maggot Fest and will be touring for roughly 3 weeks around the festival. The fine folks at Cool Death Records and Lulu's are bring us over, and I couldn't be more thrilled to finally be making it to Australia. We're also doing an exclusive color version of the Cement Shoes LP for Lulu's - so if yer in Melbourne, go grab it from them! More details in the coming months.

Goodbye for now, much more to come. If you're information-obsessed feel free to follow @feelitrecordshop for more frequent updates.

-Sam | Feel It Records

April 2019 update: PROTRUDERS 12" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 4/20/2019 to News
Hello hello again, there is a lot of news this month so I'll keep things short here and cut straight to the chase. When ordering, keep in mind that I will be leaving for tour on Monday May 6 and will not be shipping again until May 28. However, the Feel It distro will be on tour with Fried Egg (dates at the end of this email). There won't be a mailing list update for May, but I'll be posting from the road on Instagram and Facebook if you follow @feelitrecordshop
PROTRUDERS-Poison Future 12" out now!
"After four self-released cassettes, Montréal's premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band Protruders makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefier—some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc. “Fruit Hang” has a perfect mid-70s style garage feel—like a Boston pre-punk band tearin’ it up at the Rat! This could be the hit, kidz! Skronky sax gives “Hydrophytol” a kinda Hawkwind/no-wave feel. And dig “No Stone”—a slower one, catchy as hell—I swear it could pass for an outtake from the Saints circa 1978. Solid—another hit! At five minutes, the title track stretches things out a bit. This one has a definite Ubu/Voidoids vibe—nasty angular spazz-punk with a little more sax blat added. Very nice guitar stuff happening here. We get some weirdo HC action on “Stabilizer” and more hot guitar squiggles. “Tax 101” is maybe a “typical” Protruders song—that means good! “Wrong Way Sign,” pushes things over the six-minute mark, with a strong psych-punk feel (Wipers?) and some totally swell rock-jam stuff at the end. Wow. This record is a significant step for the band and an impressive way to start their vinyl career as they gain the higher visibility they deserve. Most excellent!" -Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)

Unlimited streaming/pay-what-you-want download.

That's right, both The Cowboys "The Bottom of a Rotten Flower" LP and Fried Egg "Square One" LP sold out within a few weeks of their initial release. We ran another 300 Cowboys (identical to the first press of 700) and 200 Fried Egg (with a cool new chipboard sleeve). Both records have been receiving nothing short of great reviews so give 'em a listen via the above links if ya haven't already!
*NEW* Feel It t-shirts & slipmats for Spring!

Spring is finally here, and to celebrate t-shirt weather being in full swing, we are introducing a new Feel It Records shirt design. This time with artwork courtesy of Mr. Drugface of Man-Eaters/Tarantula/Culo fame! Two color print on white Gildan Heavy Cotton tees. We're also running this design on classy cork slipmats, which are also FREE with any retail order of $100 or more.

Order T-shirt here.
Order cork slipmat here.

Welcome aboard PLEASURE LEFTISTS !

I'm excited to announce that Feel It will be releasing a new album from Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS ! PL just returned from recording ten new tracks for "The Gate", which is their first new record in four years, following previous releases on Deranged, Katorga Works, and Fan Death. These are some of the best PL songs yet, with top notch production courtesy of Stan Wright (Acrtic Flowers). "The Gate" is a driving, cathartic post punk gem! Stay tuned for a preview track and preorder options in June. Shooting to have this out in early July along with the CEMENT SHOES LP, which is finishing up at mastering this week. Watch for a CS preview track and preorders at the same time as PL.


The NEW ARRIVALS section is filled with quality new tunes for Spring. We have new 12"s from THE WORLD and MAZE on Lumpy, the boss new URANIUM CLUB album, the killer MATRIX demo 7" (my fave HC demo in recent memory, HIGHLY recommended), Beat Session cassettes from S.H.I.T. and MARBLED EYE, a live radio session tape from Aussies CIVIC, killer new Aussie synthpunk demo from WILD TONE,
and more quality Aussie punk/wave on the debut LP from SNAKES. Those are some of the highlights but there are plenty more in the way of excellent new releases, reissues, and restocks as always!


FRIED EGG are hitting the road in just over two weeks to promote the "Square One" LP. Headed out with a new lineup that's our best yet, new songs, and a new shirt design. Here are the details, feel free to inquire if you're unsure of the location for any of these gigs.

5/6 Charlotte - Hangout House w/ Patois Counselors, Unruly Boys, Mutant Strain, Acne
5/7 Atlanta - The Bakery w/ Tunic, Slow Fire Pistol, FKA Dog Orgasm, Policy
5/8 Birmingham - The Firehouse
5/9 Hattiesburg
5/10 New Orleans - Banks St. Bar w/ Ekumen (record release), Secret Passage, Crossed
5/11 Houston w/ Death Cult, HAHA!
5/12 San Antonio - Twin Sister Cantina w/ Death Cult, Scan, Circulo Vicioso, Chronovision
5/13 Austin - Hotel Vegas w/ Enemy One, Lip Service, SQK
5/14 OKC
5/15 KC w/ Vice Grip
5/16 Minneapolis - Red Lobster w/ Fucking, Stepsister, The Detractors
5/17 Milwaukee - X-Ray Arcade w/ Mister, Coronary
5/18 Chicago - Margaritaville w/ Udusic, Robotrip, Czar Bomba, Affront
5/19 St. Louis - CBGB
5/20 Bloomington w/ CHUD
5/21 Columbus - Dirty Dungarees w/ Messrs, Bloody Show

PROTRUDERS are doing a bunch of Canadian dates on the heels of their new 12" and will be coming to the US for some Midwest & East coast dates in August. Here are the Canadian dates for now:

May 2nd-Toronto:the monarch ndy presents w/ nymphets, pure pressure, losers
May 3rd- Montreal:l'esco AA presents w/Helene Barbier, Chris Burns and his going concerns
May 4th-Quebec city: Centre Lucien Borne sale #305 w/the pretzels, the proactives
May 23-24 St Johns: Lawnya Vawnya music crawl

CEMENT SHOES are playing this year's Horrible Fest in Cleveland. We'll be on the Saturday May 25 matinee gig at Sidetrack Cafe w/ Mati, Red Delicious, Wet Specimens, Pine Taar, Kill The Hippies, and Marty Feldman's Eyes 1-7PM!

Cement Shoes are also hitting Charleston, WV at Kin Ship Goods on Sunday May 26!

Oh, and the next gig I'm booking in RVA is Saturday June 1 for the god-like WARM BODIES ! At VSC with Fried Egg, VV, and Beater.

That's IT, I swear. Hope to see some of you on the road in May.
-Sam | Feel It Records

March 2019 update: Protruders track and 12" preorders up now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 3/14/2019 to News
What's up people? The past month has been one of the busiest and best ever months at Feel It HQ. The Cowboys wrapped up a successful East coast tour over the weekend, and we managed to sell out of the entire first pressing of The Bottom of a Rotten Flower less than two weeks after its release date! Good news is that the second pressing of 300 will be here soon. Fried Egg had an incredible record release show on Saturday for our Square One LP - playing to nearly a hundred folks in a tiny living room! It was also the debut of our new lineup which will be touring the South & Midwest in May. I'll have Fried Egg tour info in next month's update. In the meantime, if you haven't already picked up a copy of the LP, we're down to the last twenty-odd copies of the first pressing (second press on the way in April).
PROTRUDERS-Poison Future 12" now available for preorder!
I just approved test presses for the vinyl debut from Montréal's PROTRUDERS. A killer slice of raw protopunk and arty, DIY guitar rock...major Electric Eels-sounding tuneage to my ears! We have this one slated for a 4/20 release date, with preorders expected to ship in early April. See below for a great description of the record from our pal Eddie Flowers of The Gizmos.

Preview the track "Hydrophytol"

Preorder Opaque Yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies.

Preorder Black vinyl first pressing of 400.

"After four self-released cassettes, Montréal's premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band Protruders makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefier—some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc. “Fruit Hang” has a perfect mid-70s style garage feel—like a Boston pre-punk band tearin’ it up at the Rat! This could be the hit, kidz! Skronky sax gives “Hydrophytol” a kinda Hawkwind/no-wave feel. And dig “No Stone”—a slower one, catchy as hell—I swear it could pass for an outtake from the Saints circa 1978. Solid—another hit! At five minutes, the title track stretches things out a bit. This one has a definite Ubu/Voidoids vibe—nasty angular spazz-punk with a little more sax blat added. Very nice guitar stuff happening here. We get some weirdo HC action on “Stabilizer” and more hot guitar squiggles. “Tax 101” is maybe a “typical” Protruders song—that means good! “Wrong Way Sign,” pushes things over the six-minute mark, with a strong psych-punk feel (Wipers?) and some totally swell rock-jam stuff at the end. Wow. This record is a significant step for the band and an impressive way to start their vinyl career as they gain the higher visibility they deserve. Most excellent!" -Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)

NEW Feel It t-shirts & slipmats for Spring!

Spring is finally about here, and to celebrate t-shirt weather being in full swing, we are introducing a new Feel It Records shirt design. This time with artwork courtesy of Mr. Drugface of Man-Eaters/Tarantula/Culo fame! Two color print on white Gildan Heavy Cotton tees. We're also running this design on classy cork slipmats, which are also FREE with any retail order of $100 or more. Keep in mind the shirts and slipmats are being offered as preorders and will ship in April around the time of the Protruders record.

Order T-shirt here.
Order cork slipmat here.

And finally, some good news from CEMENT SHOES! We just finished recording and mixing an LP at Montrose Recording here in Richmond. Eight new songs, and I think we really knocked it outta the park on this one. Still lots of mastering and artwork stuff to do, but it's looking like this one will be out mid-summer. Catch da Shoes at this year's Horrible Fest in Cleveland, OH - May 23-26. See you (cl)assholes at the bar!


Heavy batch of new stuff in the NEW ARRIVALS section this month! My highest recommendation goes to the new LOW LIFE and
DIÄT albums plus a few other killers like the HUNCHES demos LP, new WILD ROSE cassette, BANANAGUN 7", CHRONOPHAGE LP (final restock), new PHYSIQUE 12", TOWNES VAN ZANDT archival LP, and BLU ANXXIETY 7". Plenty of other new and restocked goods from trusted labels like Iron Lung, Goner, Digital Regress, Fat Possum, Distort Reality, Anti-Fade, and Almost Ready. We should also have the new, highly anticipated URANIUM CLUB LP next week!

Just announced the next two Feel It presents...gigs in Richmond for April - with longtime buds TROPICAL TRASH and GOLDEN PELICANS coming thru town just a few days apart. C'mon out if you're in the area and drop me a message if you happen to need the address for either.

Okay, that's it for now - thanks for continuing to grease the wheels of this rock'n'roll wrecking machine...
-Sam | Feel It Records

February 2019 update: LPs from The Cowboys and Fried Egg out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 2/14/2019 to News

Alright folks, the day has come - the first two Feel It releases of 2019 are out now! The Cowboys are back with their fourth full length, showing no signs of slowing down with 16 incredible new punk/garage cuts. Fried Egg step up to the plate with their first full length, a concise and well crafted 9 track effort that manages to stand out in today's world of hardcore punk.

Here's the scoop: I am picking up the vinyl on Friday and will begin shipping preorders in the order that they were received, starting Monday. Both records come fully assembled and shrinkwrapped, so I'll be able to ship 'em out as fast as a one-man operation can! In the meantime, both releases are available for streaming and pay-what-you-want download on our Bandcamp. Other streaming and digital outlets will have both releases up soon as well.

In slightly less exciting news, after crunching some numbers, The Cowboys LP is completely sold out on red vinyl. I was expecting some overrun at the plant, but we got exactly 150 copies (which rarely happens), and I am left with zero extra copies on color vinyl. You still may be able to score a copy from the band on tour (see further below for finalized dates). The Fried Egg LP is down to 10 copies on dark green vinyl, and I imagine those won't last long - though the band will also have copies at their record release gig on 3/9.
The Cowboys
"The Bottom of a Rotten Flower"


Purchase black vinyl LP here.
Purchase CD here.
Stream/download here.

"For anybody into garage-rock or power-pop, this has gotta be an instant CLASSIC! But I’m just gonna call it rock’n’roll." --Eddie Flowers, Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos.
Fried Egg
"Square One"


Purchase limited color vinyl LP here.
Purchase black vinyl LP here.
Purchase cassette here.
Stream/download here.

“If they had existed in the time that we were doing it, back in the ‘80s, we would have worshipped those guys.” -Charlie Kramer, Happy Flowers/The Landlords.
THE COWBOYS - East coast tour

The band will have copies of their new LP+CD on Feel It, as well as a cassette version on Burger. If you'd like some promotional posters to hang in your city, drop us an email and we'll get ya sorted!
Feb 25 Charlotte, NC — Tommy’s Pub
Mar 3 Brooklyn, NY — Baby’s All Right
Mar 6 Rochester, NY — Bug Jar w/ Aweful Kanawful, Clibbus
Mar 9 Cincinnati, OH — Northside Yacht Club

Thanks so much for the support and enthusiasm (with these new releases especially) We'll have a Protruders track to premiere next month, along with pre-orders for the record. Oh, and Happy V Day.
-Sam | Feel It Records

January 2019 update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 1/28/2019 to News
Hey folks, hope 2019 is off to a good start for all of you. Things haven't slowed down here at all - working hard to get things ready for the Feb 14 release of The CowboysThe Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP/CD and Fried EggSquare One LP/CS. Thanks for all of your preorders for both albums. Color vinyl for The Cowboys LP has sold out on preorder, but I am saving a small amount for the release date. Less than 20 copies of the Fried Egg LP on color left for preorder as well. We've actually got the CD version of The Cowboys album and the CS version of the Fried Egg album already in house and ready to ship FYI. Here are some nice recent features for each album as well:
You might be asking, what's next? Well, first up we're happy to welcome Montreal's Protruders to the label. Their unique brand of scrappy, lo-fi guitar rock (think Electric Eels, TJSA, or Tyvek for starters) initially caught our attention via a series of self released tapes beginning in 2016. We just received masters for Protruders' upcoming "Poison Future" 12", which is due out in April. Six tracks full of raw and unfiltered garage/punk/oddball rock, equally as trebly and frantic as it is lined with deep, sax-washed groove. Watch for a preview track in the coming weeks and more news on preorders, tour dates, etc.

Another exciting development in the reissue/archival department...while hunting down the masters for the reissue of The Hazards "Hey Joe" 45 ('67 garage-fuzz monster from right here in Richmond) I came into contact with original producer, Martin Gary. Not only did I find a working phone number for this guy, but Martin had the master recordings already digitized and vinyl-ready. Can it get any better? Well, actually, yes. I come to find out that Martin is also the man responsible for producing a number of other excellent local and regional bands in the late 60's garage/soul/rock cannon - bands like The Barracudas, Jokers Wild, Group Nine, and Bosom Blues Band. It keeps getting better - all of THAT material has been digitized AND Mr. Gary owns the publishing rights to all of it! Seeing the wealth of material available, I'm excited to say that this project has turned into an LP that will compile the best of Martin Gary Productions from 1966-1968, tentatively titled Days of a Quiet Sun. Have a listen to the title cut here, as performed by The Barracudas in '68. More news on this exciting project as things come together!


January is a bit less heavy on NEW ARRIVALS, but we're making 'em count regardless. Radio Raheem has gifted us with archival VILE recordings on a 7", and a reissue of the classic Reign of Terror 7" (comped on Bloodstains Across California). The new MURO 12" and VAASKA 7" on Beach Impediment are highly worth HCPUNK stompers. The new TIMMY VULGAR'S GENETIC ARMAGEDDON LP is the debut of Mind Meld Records (Rich from Total Punk's new imprint) and is brimming with lo-fi guitar madness as you'd expect from Timmy Vulgar. TROPICAL TRASH are back with a smoking new LP as well! Perhaps their best stuff yet.


THE COWBOYS - East coast tour
The band will have copies of their new LP+CD on Feel It, as well as a cassette version on Burger. If you'd like some promotional posters to hang in your city, drop us an email and we'll get ya sorted!
Feb 21 Bloomington, IN — The Bishop w/ Service, Heaven Honey
Feb 23 Lexington, KY — The Green Lantern
Feb 25 Charlotte, NC — Tommy’s Pub
Mar 1 Baltimore, MD — TBA w/ Romantic States, Ten Million Spiders
Mar 2 Philadelphia, PA — Cousin Danny’s w/ The Smarthearts, Deep Tissue
Mar 3 New York City, NY — Baby’s All Right
Mar 5 Jamaica Plain, MA — Deep Thoughts
Mar 6 Rochester, NY — Bug Jar
Mar 9 Cincinnati, OH — Northside Yacht Club

That's all for now. Be back in a couple short weeks once these Cowboys + Fried Egg LPs are ready.
-Sam | Feel It Records

December 2018 update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 12/11/2018 to News
Hey everyone, here's the final Feel It newsletter of 2018, and we've got some big news to share this time around! While it may be freezing and snow-covered here in Virginia, things are already heating up for 2019. We can now safely announce our first two releases of 2019 - both due in early February! First, Feel It is proud to welcome back The Cowboys for a new LP/CD, entitled The Bottom of a Rotten Flower.

Bloomington, Indiana's rock'n'roll heroes return with their fourth album of tuneful garage/punk/r'n'r...this time as a five piece! That's right, they've added Chris Twist (also of Nobunny and Slushy) on second guitar, and seriously upped the ante on this new album. Anyone familiar with the signature hooks and musicianship behind The Cowboys previous work will be pleased to hear that they've pushed the bar even higher on The Bottom of a Rotten Flower - incorporating more pop-driven structures that remain as vital and catchy as earlier efforts. The end result is a perfectly well formed and soulful album, brimming with gutsy Midwestern r'n'r attitude, next-level vocals from Keith Harman, and downright hook-filled bliss.

East coast people - watch for a Cowboys tour

Stream "Some Things Never Change" at: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/track/some-things-never-change

And at long last, the debut album from Fried Egg, titled Square One, is complete and well worth the wait!

Years in the making, Fried Egg strike hot with their debut album, following EPs on Beach Impediment and Negative Jazz, and a Beat Session cassette. The Central Virginia group spent their time honing these nine tracks, (in fact, most were nailed on the first or second studio take) which make up one of the most vital and hard hitting hardcore punk albums of recent vintage. While firmly rooted in the golden era HC punk footprint, Fried Egg have shifted things clearly left-of-center on Square One, incorporating elements of discordant rock that could have found a home in the post '83 Touch And Go catalog. Fried Egg have crafted a concise and unnerving album - one that echoes the anxiety, tension, and disenchantment running rampant through modern day America.

And believe me, that's not it for 2019. Without giving away too much, you can look forward to:
-Protruders-debut 12"
-Tarantüla-4th 7" EP
-Cement Shoes LP

...all out by summer! Plenty more in the works, trust me.


December has yielded another strong cache of new and reissued material. I'll start off with one of my favorite 7" singles of the year, which is the debut from Shogun and the Sheets. Yes, we're talking that Shogun (of Royal Headache) perhaps the most soulful Australian r'n'r voice this side of The Saints' Chris Bailey? The Sheets are a strong backing band, more straightforward and hard hitting than the somewhat delicate approach of Royal Headache. Really can't wait to hear more from Shogun & company! Another top 7" single is the rocking debut of Boss, a glammy punk love child of Rixe's Maxime Smaldja and Fucked Up's Jonah Falco. If yer more tuned towards the hardcore punk department - of course the new Warthog 7" is essential, plus the new Cheap Appeal and Bootlicker 7"s on Neon Taste, Lumpy's new batch (Q, Closet Christ, and Eke Buba), the Rotta CS (Drew/Sick Thoughts ruling new Suomi punk project), and the Iron Bars LP, which is killer vintage HC damage from some St. Louis veterans. If LPs are more to you're liking we've got the 100% essential collection LP of Rough Trade-era singles from The Fall, another big batch of hard rock/psych reissue LPs (Demon Fuzz, Leaf Hound, and May Blitz come highly recommended), and plenty of Townes Van Zandt albums. Oh, and how could I forget, the incredible new issue of underground culture and outsider art coverage in the new issue of Tattoo Punk ! Finally, if you dig a good mixtape, I implore ya to check this new stash of C-60s that my buddy Brandon "The Brain" Gaffney just dropped off.

Plenty more QUALITY tuneage to peruse in the NEW ARRIVALS section! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

Fried Egg is doing a short weekend later this month, and *fingers crossed* should have some pro-cassette copies of our new album.
12/28 Fried Egg, Das Drip, +1tba @ The Bunker, Raleigh
12/29 Fried Egg, Adderall, Pressed @ Static-Age Records, Asheville
12/30 Fried Egg, The Conveyor Belt, Tucker Riggleman @ The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg

1/9 Rashomon, Asesinato, Fried Egg, Future Terror, Lipid @ Magnolia House, Cville

1/12 Dark Thoughts, Twisted Thing, Smarthearts, Sensual World @ Chicken Fiesta, RVA
1/13 Vittna, Lipid, Destruct @ Crystal Palace, RVA

That's it for now! Thanks for helping to make 2018 the best and most rewarding year that this label has ever had. Happy holidays - catch you in the new year.
-Sam | Feel It Records

November 2018 update: U-NIX 12", VANILLA POPPERS 7", ZED ZILCH CS out now

Posted by Sam Richardson on 11/22/2018 to News
Hey folks, excited to round out 2018 with three new releases on Feel It. Thanks for being patient, as there were some slight production delays with the vinyl, but all pre-orders have shipped, and there are about 30 color copies of U-Nix and Vanilla Poppers left. Very happy with how all of these turned out! We are topping out with 12 releases this year! It's been a huge step up, and we couldn't do it without you all.

U-NIX "Nuke Portland" 12"
U-NIX follow up their impressive debut 7" on Lumpy with "Nuke Portland", a scathing, psychotic hardcore masterpiece. These eight new tracks fire at full speed, with John Cardwell's (ex-NASA Space Universe) trebly guitar attack leading the mix alongside a pulverizing rhythm section and gravelly maniac vocals. This is total trend-stripping music - a furious hardcore attack that careens forward with precision and speed. An all out ten minute war, cut loud at 45 RPM and full of replay value. Simply put, U-NIX are one of the last pure hardcore bands worth their weight. "Nuke Portland" comes packaged in a full color sleeve designed by the band plus insert and download code. FEEL IT 21.

Stream/download: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nuke-portland
Order Coke Bottle Clear vinyl here.
Order Black vinyl here.

VANILLA POPPERS "I Like Your Band" 7"
Quite simply one of the hardest working bands in contemporary punk and hardcore, Vanilla Poppers are back with their most urgent material to date. Following an excellent 2017 LP on Lumpy, 3/4 of the original lineup relocated from Cleveland to Melbourne, Australia, home of vocalist Christina Pap. The four new tracks on "I Like Your Band" find the Poppers on top of their game, driving home hook-laden punk hits beneath Pap's ruling vocal presence. And what's more? The band's gritty, live charm is captured at its best here by Billy Gardner (Ausmuteants, Antifade Records) and dialed in on the mix by Mike Gill (Perverts Again, Cruelster). A near-perfect EP delivered with the precision and attitude of first wave 70s PUNK and executed with the style and confidence that few contemporary acts possess. "I Like Your Band" comes packaged in a glue pocket sleeve with artwork from William Chapman plus lyric insert and download code. FEEL IT 25. [UK/EURO PRESSING AVAILABLE FROM DRUNKEN SAILOR RECORDS]

Stream/download: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/i-like-your-band
Order Metallic Cherry Bomb Red vinyl
Order Black vinyl here.

ZED ZILCH "(I'm Not) One of the Boys b/w Cut Corners" CS

Who is Zed Zilch? Perhaps the alter-ego of a certain Richmond musician and label guy you might recognize? Okay, lets drop the mysterious charade - this is the debut cassingle from Sam Richardson of Fried Egg, Cement Shoes, Feel It Records, etc. With Zed Zilch, the sound is decidedly not hardcore, and more indebted to strong British songwriters like TV Smith, Mark E. Smith, and Martin Newell mixed with the guitar prowess and rock sensibilities of early US punk like The Weirdos. Certainly a style that's out of vogue in Richmond, with lyrics reeling against the deplorable characters that can run rampant in a sleepy Southern town. Recorded on four track with brother Jed on drums and behind the mixer. Surely this won't be the last you hear of Mr. Zilch. "(I'm Not) One of the Boys" comes packaged in a printed O-card with silver foil labels on "smoky tint" pro-duped cassette tape. FEEL IT 26. Edition of 100.

Stream/download: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/im-not-one-of-the-boys-b-w-cut-corners
Order pro-cassette here.
Looking to catch up on all of the 2018 Feel It vinyl releases? Well, look no further...

I'm rolling out a small batch of these one-shot package deals which includes all 5 LPs and 6 7"s released on Feel It in 2018 at 15% off the list price. This includes color vinyl (where available), a corner-protecting Whiplash mailer, and free shipping within the US.
I've also added some test presses of recent Feel It releases to the site, act fast on those!

Next month, I'll have several exciting 2019 releases to announce (and hopefully some preview tracks as well), but it's looking to be another big year! Hope to have a new t-shirt design to roll out in time for the holidays as well.


There's quite the diverse selection of new releases and reissues on the site this month. At the head of the pack, I'm going to hype a big chunk of rock/psych/outsider/DIY reissue LPs that just landed. Some more well known than others (Baby Huey, Sun Ra, The Fall) but some really cult titles like D.R. Hooker's The Truth and the self-titled Morgen album. Definitely check this stuff out if you're looking to expand your musical palette beyond the strict realms of punk and hardcore, and want to dip into these reissues at the "nice price". Another cool little score was a stack of sealed original Skull Duggery LPs from '83 on the infamous Mutha Records! Also on the reissue train of-note, we've got a straight repro of the classic debut EP from The Scientists, the latest batch of ace Hozac Archival LPs (Baby Grande, Cheap Nasties, & Vector Command), and a stellar LP collection of '78-'81 recordings from Richmond, VA's original punk group, L'amour on Beach Impediment. BIR also just dropped ace new full lengths from Blood Pressure and Vanity, damn! There's plenty more happening in the 7" section, with the debut 7" from Baltimore's Cold Feet, a killer new four track EP from Australia's Civic, and the Urochromes Beat Session getting the vinyl treatment.
Plenty more QUALITY tuneage to peruse in the NEW ARRIVALS section! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

With winter taking hold, the volume of gigs has certainly dropped off a bit, but let me tell you about these...

U-NIX "NUKE PORTLAND" RECORD RELEASE GIG - 11/16 in PDX @ Core House w/ Reek Minds, Family Vacation | Ask a punk | FREE
12/7 Feel It presents...COLD FEET + GLUE TRAPS (Baltimore), TRUE SPIRIT (Cville), Ugly Muscle @ Crystal Palace RVA | 7pm $8-10
12/9 Dark Thoughts, Haircut, Wild Rose, Sensual World @ Magnolia House, Cville
This Is Austin...Not That Great fest featuring Kaleidoscope, U-Nix, Stiff Love, & many more excellent contemporary punk/HC acts (unfortunately Fried Egg had to drop and cancel our Southern tour, but will be rescheduling for early Summer '19 once our LP is out)
Rashomon, Asesinato, Fried Egg, Future Terror, Lipid @ Magnolia House, Cville

That's it for now! Be back in December with several big announcements...thanks for your continued interest and support!

September 2018 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 9/20/2018 to News
Hey everyone, back with a bit of Feel It news for ya - it's been a hectic month, between the four new releases that came out in August, managing the Pious Faults US tour, and prepping the upcoming U-Nix 12" and Vanilla Poppers 7" - I was given less than a month's notice to move out of the current Feel It HQ. In a way that's good, because I've pretty much outgrown my current setup and will be moving into a new spot that is essentially double the size. However, I now enter the daunting task of moving thousands of records, furniture, and belongings over the course of the next couple weeks. To try and free up as much room as possible, we are running a site-wide 20% off sale through the end of September. The only items excluded are new arrivals, but literally everything else, including the latest Feel It releases are 20% off, with free shipping for US orders of $60 or more.

I was hoping to have pre-orders ready for the U-Nix 12" and Vanilla Poppers 7", but the Poppers 7" has been plagued by a series of manufacturing issues, which is going to bump the release date of both of these records back to late October/early November. Still hoping to get band copies of both records to U-Nix and VP for their sets at Not Dead Yet. Those will be the last two Feel It releases for 2018, but we're not taking much of a break!

That's right, Fried Egg just recorded and mixed our Square One LP last weekend here in Richmond at Montrose Recording. It was one of the best recording sessions that I've ever been a part of, and I am very excited to get this one off to press! Recorded live to 2" tape (very much like our Beat Session) - this LP will feature 9 new tracks and artwork from Kohei Urakami and Jason Lee. Hoping to have a cassette version (or vinyl if we're lucky) out for a Fried Egg tour of the South in late December-early January. Stay tuned for updates!

Aside from our aforementioned 20% off sale, the NEW ARRIVALS section is absolutely packed with a slew of great new releases.

At the top of my list, we've got the MARBLED EYE LP, which will be a serious top-ten contender for 2018 releases. A perfect, angular display of postpunk saturated rhythm, executed with the taste and production to really stand apart from the droves of bands attempting this style. Also on the Digital Regress label, we've got the LANDLINE LP, which will definitely appeal to Suburban Lawns fans. This month we've also got two standout hardcore releases - both of which are the debut vinyl outings for Olympia's ELECTRIC CHAIR (great traditional early 80s USHC style, with members of BETA BOYS) and North Carolina's PUBLIC ACID (crushing, tastefully executed raw HC punk with noisier Japanese elements) - both are limited to 300 so hop on 'em! I've also gotta recommend the DRUM MACHINE CS, which is the latest iteration of Cleveland budget rock from 3/4 of Folded Shirt! We've got several other new Clevo demos in stock, the latest tape from Hattiesburg's JUDY AND THE JERKS, all of the new LA VIDA ES UN MUS releases (my fave being the debut HOLOGRAM 7"), the excellent ALIEN NOSEJOB full length (Aussie wave genius from Jake of Ausmuteants), plus some wild reissues like the NIHON NO WAVE 2xLP, ROLAND BLINN AND THE FISHERMEN 7", and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT LP. I'll stop there, but as usual, our hand-picked selection is some of the best in the game, and always worth your perusal.

First off, just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has helped out with a show or turned out to see PIOUS FAULTS on their US tour. From all reports, it's been going well, and the band has been excited to play with some neat locals as they trek all over the country. The tour is nearly done, but since some of these ending dates came together after our last update, here's what PF have left - West coasters take notice!

9/22 Austin @ Beerland w/ Hologram, Boofin Tylenol
9/25 Seattle @ Pizza Palace w/ Anoxia, Tiny Room
9/26 Olympia @ Westside Lanes w/ Gen Pop, Suck Lords
9/27 Portland @ American Legion Post 134 w/ Reek Minds, Putzfrau, Daydream
9/28 Oakland @ The Octopus Literary Salon w/ Inverts, Deimos Cult
9/29 LA @ House show w/ P22, Body Fluid, Safe Word

Also - VANILLA POPPERS are in the midst of a European tour right now! Check here for dates. Euros - don't miss VP, they are one of punk's best current live acts!

CROPPED OUT (our favorite music event and new yearly tradition) is just around the corner! Look for the Feel It distro set up at Turners all day long Oct 5 & 6. NEW this year, I'll be sharing the table with my bud Brandon Gaffney (who you'll recognize as the guitar whiz of Cement Shoes, Tapehead, Brown Sugar, etc.) and his seriously tasty stash of clean used records from all over the map.

Beyond that, there are a TON of gigs happening in Richmond over the span of the next month - we've got THREE more Australian bands coming through town and Cement Shoes are doing a little Northeast run too:

9/23: Cement Shoes, BATO, NFA, Ghouli @ Strange Matter RVA (7" flexi comp release gig!) 4pm matinee
9/24: Dissekerad (Sweden), Lipid, Destruct @ Mojo's RVA
9/30: Orion (Australia), Serqet, +1tba @ Crystal Palace RVA
10/8 Paranoid (Sweden), Mind Dweller Sinister Purpose @ VSC RVA
10/9 Marbled Eye, Dark Web, Slump, True Body @ Strange Matter RVA
10/16 Exek (Australia), Cement Shoes, Naked Baby @ Gallery House RVA
10/18 Subdued (UK), Taz (NYC), Haircut, Firing Squad @ Crystal Palace RVA
10/20 BB & The Blips (Australia), Benderheads, Ugly Muscle @ My Noodle RVA
10/22 Permission (UK), Fried Egg, Ugly Muslce @ VSC RVA
10/25 Cement Shoes, Corvo @ Chill Factory DC
10/26 Savageheads, Bloodsuckers, Cement Shoes @ Ask a punk, Brooklyn
10/27 Cement Shoes, Cold Feet (7" release!) @ TBA, Baltimore

Ok, that's it for now, stay cool and stay tuned for more.


Posted by Sam Richardson on 8/12/2018 to News
Welcome back to another Feel It newsletter - we've got quite the update, as our four newest releases are officially out today! To start things off, we're back in Olympia, WA with the long awaited LP from BETA BOYS, chock full of dark and ugly hardcore punk that immediately recalls classics like The Germs. Also new from OLY, we have a fresh new 7" single from the phenomenal STIFF LOVE, pairing two hook-laden and crunchy garage punk burners. Probably the most curious of the batch is the debut 12" from Brisbane, Australia's PIOUS FAULTS - a record brimming with fluid, tight, and original hardcore punk moves - as immediate and odd as early Saccharine Trust! A real head-turner. Last but not least, the debut 7" single for Richmond's own CEMENT SHOES - a band that I started last year with the principle songwriters of Brown Sugar and Haircut. Two fresh tracks here; our own gimmick-free spin on HC/punk and a nice follow-up to last year's demo tape on the Loki Label.

For anyone who placed a pre-order, I am boxing the final orders right now and will have everything out in today's mail. Color vinyl is beginning to run low, especially for the Beta Boys LP. I've also added a few spare test pressings to the site. Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

Following a string of 7"s for Total Punk, Digital Regress, Neck Chop, and Lumpy - the once Kansas City, now Olympia-based Beta Boys return with their finest work to date; the aptly-titled Late Nite Acts LP. A strikingly focused and sonically refined tour de force, these ten new tracks pair the band's Midwestern hardcore roots with a darker, midtempo burn. A pure punk sound if there ever was; precisely capturing the boredom, depression, and ever-present sense of hopelessness spread across modern America. Beta Boys have truly upped the ante on this full length; an album absolutely brimming with stellar production, first-rate songwriting, and unapollegetically punk flavor. Packaged in a full color jacket with artwork from Beta Boys' own Hank Durango plus lyric insert, hype sticker, and digital download. FEEL IT 23.


Hot on the heels of their debut "Trouble" 7" EP, Stiff Love are back with a smashing new single! These two tracks capture the Olympia-based group at their best yet - a fast-and-loose unit equipped with the kind of chops and confidence that simply cannot be faked or replicated. Stiff Love are the real deal; unrefined and unsophisticated; a near-perfect sonic amalgam of rock'n'roll, garage, and punk. There's a classic & undeniable 60's flavored, four-piece group dynamic at play; with Claudia and Elysa laying down the pounding rhythm section that allows Dahlia and Xtine's trebly, twin-guitar charge to propel each track along. The perfectly desperate vocals and wailing guitar leads command the high end of the mix, sealing the deal on this highly memorable and downright catchy pairing of tracks. Recorded straight to tape with Captain Tripps and packaged in a textured stipple stock glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert and digital download. FEEL IT 22.

Now is the time to take notice of Brisbane, Australia's PIOUS FAULTS. Aside from a short, yet exciting demo on the Tenth Court label and a brief feature in the almighty Distort Mag, Pious Faults have remained somewhat of an enigma since their inception in late 2016. However, with "Old Thread", the young Australian group have crafted a remarkably lucid and original vinyl debut. A sonic whirlwind of wonderfully deconstructed hardcore punk - songs stripped of inheritable form; leaping from stone to leaf to puddle in a unique, abstract manner. A sound far from imitation but comparable to early Saccharine Trust, Spike In Vain, or more recent fare like Dry Rot and NASA Space Universe. Pious Faults careen through nine tracks on this 45rpm 12", balancing short, disaffected hardcore punk blasts with an experimental urgency, as referenced across tracks like the massive "Worship the Surface". The tense physical interplay between instruments feeds powerfully beneath uninhibited, wonder-full snarls that depict a landscape of the destructive external and a keyhole view into the bruised internal. Experience is exposed here by Pious Faults. Watch on and see no mind tied to its own leap. This record is born solely out of love, amusement & all the motions that follow in their wake. Reconnect with what allows you. Want on. Packaged in a full color jacket printed on recycled stock with risograph booklets printed by Oddities Prints and digital download. Limited to 400.
Pro-duplicated cassette version also available with four bonus tracks not included on the vinyl release. FEEL IT 20.

CEMENT SHOES "A Peace Product of the USA" 7"
Get in on the crumbling ground floor with the debut 7" single from Richmond's own Cement Shoes. Following a promising 2017 demo on the Loki Label, heralded as a "meat and potatoes and LSD" hardcore punk production, the Shoes turn in two fresh cuts on this 45. Furiously scratching away at the ever-underwhelming state of contemporary hardcore punk, the principle songwriters of Brown Sugar, Fried Egg, and Haircut intervene to bring us a robust and epic pairing of tracks. Consider it a simultaneous toast to the sense of humor and originality of first wave hardcore/punk and a roast of the ever fashionable and generic trappings of the aughts. Each copy comes packaged in a unique, hand-painted glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert and digital download.

We've also added several new distro items from labels like Neon Taste, Anti-Fade, Rerun, and My Mind's Eye. Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

I'm also super excited to announce that we'll be back in October with two more new releases. First, a 12" from the mighty U-NIX titled Nuke Portland. Eight crushing tracks in under ten minutes. This thing is tight, powerful, and is gonna hit hard cut at 45RPM. Have a listen to "Nerve". We'll also have a brand new 7" EP from Melbourne-via-Cleveland punks VANILLA POPPERS. Four new absolutely ruling tracks that are every bit as good, if not, better than their killer 2017 LP on Lumpy Rex. Our friends at Drunken Sailor will be handling the Euro pressing. Have a listen to "I Like Your Band". Both of these records are on track to be out for U-NIX and VP's sets at this year's Not Dead Yet.


First up, BETA BOYS and STIFF LOVE are doing an East coast run around Skullfest with Olympia's ELECTRIC CHAIR (killer new HC punk w/ members of Beta Boys, 7" due on Stucco soon). BB and SL will have copies of their new records on Feel It. Unfortunately this is all of the info that I have, bug your local punk promoter to find out more!

8/18 Skull Fest Pittsburgh (Beta Boys @ The Shop | Hardcore Matinee 1pm)
8/19 Skull Fest (Stiff Love @ Babyland | Closing Ceremonies 8pm)
8/20 Philly @ Century w/ PMS 84, EDS
8/21 NYC
8/23 West Mass/Boston ~
8/24 Buffalo ~
8/25 Cleveland @ Old Homestead Tavern w/ Yambag, Spike Pit ~
8/26 Chicago ~

~ = No Stiff Love

PIOUS FAULTS full US tour also starts in just a couple weeks! The band will have vinyl and cassette copies of their brand new "Old Thread" album on Feel It. Here are the dates as they currently stand:

8/28 Boston @ Hardcore Stadium w/ Impalers, Innocent, Bloodsuckers
8/29 NYC @ Brooklyn Bazaar Basement w/ Kaleidoscope, Pobreza Mental
8/30 Philly w/ Big Heet
8/31 Baltimore @ Asian Taste w/ Lip, Thematix
9/1 Richmond @ VSC w/ Fried Egg, Butt, Ugly Muscle
9/2 Raleigh @ The Bunker
9/3 Atlanta @ 529 w/ GG King, Harmacy
9/4 Birmingham @ The Firehouse w/ Bad Example, Snake Church
9/5 Hattiesburg
9/6 New Orleans @ Poor Boys w/ Three Brained Robot, Ekumen
9/7 Memphis @ Lamplighter Lounge
9/8 Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station w/ Ron
9/9 Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern w/ Felchers

9/11 Indianapolis
9/12 Pittsburgh
9/13 Cleveland
9/14 Chicago @ Margaritaville
9/15 Madison, WI @ Mickey's Tavern w/ Sex Scenes, Roboman, WSHBDJ's
9/16 Minneapolis @ Dead Media w/ Joust, Scape
9/17 Iowa City
9/18 Saint Louis @ The Sinkhole
9/19 Kansas City @ The Snake Tank
9/20 OKC
9/21 Denton @ Killer's Tacos
9/22 Austin
9/25 Seattle
9/26 Olympia
9/27 Portland @ American Legion Post 134
9/28 Bay Area
9/29 LA

Okay just a few other quick gigs of interest coming up before I split. Thanks for staying tuned in and supporting the label in our busiest year ever - it means a whole lot!
8/14 Janitor Scum, BB Eye, American Nudism, VV @ Hell's Door RVA
8/21 Lecherous Gaze, Cement Shoes (local record release) + more @ Strange Matter RVA
8/25 Fried Egg, Bato, Flatline Nervous System @ Studio 239B Norfolk
8/26 Fried Egg @ Champion Brewery Charlottesville
9/1 Pious Faults, Fried Egg, Butt, Ugly Muscle @ VSC, RVA

Feel It will also be back for Cropped Out VIII in Louisville, KY - Oct 5 & 6. This year we'll be sharing a table with our buddy and used record hustler, Brandon Gaffney.

That's all for now, thanks & catch you soon.

July 2018 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 7/20/2018 to News
Hey folks, back with another Feel It newsletter that is just chock full of info, so bear with me. Just got back from a much needed week-long family vacation to Montreal, which was an absolute blast. Aside from milling around like a tourist and eating way too much French food, I was lucky enough to catch a few gigs around town - namely killer sets from locals ULTRARAT (fresh off a West coast tour and insanely tight), NO NEGATIVE (who opened for Krautrock legends FAUST, what a gig!), and two sets from the promising young group, BODY BREAK.
Anyhow, the month has basically flown by - and with that being said I'm hitting the road to Cleveland in 24 hours to pick up the vinyl for the next four releases on Feel It AND play Lokifest 3, which is also the record release show for the CEMENT SHOES 7". We'll also have the distro set up...can't wait to finally see Counter Intuits and The Cowboy live amongst a seriously stacked lineup! Okay, so with that being said, pre-orders for the next four Feel It releases are now live on the site, and up for streaming/download on Bandcamp. There is limited color vinyl for the Beta Boys LP, Stiff Love 7", and Cement Shoes 7". We also made a small run of pro-dubbed cassette versions of the Pious Faults 12" for their upcoming US tour, which features four tracks not available on the vinyl or digital release.


The big distro news is that we just received the latest batch of releases from our Australian friends at No Patience, who have been on an absolute tear lately - chronicling the Australian underground at a pace that's almost unmatched. There's a bit of something for everyone in this batch, from the rugged post-punk sound of EXPOSURE, to the heavy synthpunk stylings of POLISH, raw Brazilian-styled HC from MORTE LENTA...OH-and No Patience also just split released a new 7" from Cleveland HC punk legends INMATES. It's the first new Inmates material in years and I'd say it easily holds up to the legacy that they've built over the past few decades. We also have copies of the Inmates "Government Crimes" 7" recent reissue. Also from Cleveland, we've got the new DONKEY BUGS + CRUELSTER LPs on Lumpy Rex. The Donkey Bugs album, in particular, is one of my picks for tops of the year...a totally twisted dance-y synth punker from Steve Peffer and co., lodged somewhere between Yoko Ono and Hardcore DEVO...ok are your interests piqued now?! We also have new/restocked goods from Thrilling Living and Lumpy, plus more of the COLD MEAT-Pork Sword Fever 7" and SPECIAL INTEREST-Spiraling 12".

Oh, and finally, I've decided to add an optional shipping upgrade and insurance section, where you can now purchase upgraded Whiplash LP mailers and insurance against loss or damage.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!
Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

I'll be heading up to SKULL FEST 10 in Pittsburgh next month, which both BETA BOYS and STIFF LOVE will have copies of their new records on Feel It. Make sure to catch Beta Boys at the Saturday HC matinee and Stiff Love at the Sunday closing ceremony gig. BETA BOYS will also be doing a short East coast tour (which I believe is with Olympia's ELECTRIC CHAIR) - hope to have those dates available to post in our August update.

And just around the corner, PIOUS FAULTS will be coming over to tour the US, starting in late August and running through the entire month of September across the county. I just made a US tour event, so check there for preliminary info. We also could use some help with these dates if anyone can offer up a show or suggestion on a reliable booking connect.
9/6 New Orleans *HELP NEEDED*
9/11 Indianapolis or Bloomington *HELP NEEDED*
9/12 Pittsburgh or Columbus *HELP NEEDED*

Okay just a few other quick gigs of interest coming up before I split. Thanks for staying tuned in and supporting the label in our busiest year ever - it means a whole lot!

7/28 DBPS (Montreal psych rock), Basmati, Lummox @ Thunderdome RVA
8/1 Rata Negra (Spanish dark punk on LVEUM), Haircut, Serqet, Sensual World @ Smatter RVA
8/3 Fried Egg, Cold Feet, Asesinato @ Holy Frijoles, BALTIMORE
8/14 Janitor Scum, BB Eye, American Nudism, VV @ Hell's Door RVA

Be back in August to fully announce our next four releases, plus a few more for the Fall.

June 2018 update: Landlords + Insinuations reissues out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 6/16/2018 to News
Greetings gang, it has been a wildly busy and fantastic few weeks since the last update. I had such a good time on the CEMENT SHOES tour. It seemed like people "got it" in every city we went, which is kinda the opposite of how it can be back home, so that was rather refreshing and just a FUN TOUR! We were even able to pick up test presses of our upcoming 7" from Gotta Groove while in Cleveland. And yes, the 7" will be on Feel It and our release show is coincidentally in Cleveland next month on July 21 at Loki Fest vol. 3. I spent the weekend hosting GEN POP and damn, what a genuine group of people and fantastic live band they are! Their tour wraps up in just a few days, but from all reports, they've been lighting it up every night. Very excited to continue working with Gen Pop in the future, too! Ok so yes, on to our two latest releases, reissues of some of the best 1980's punk + hardcore made right here in Virginia! The culmination of a ton of punk rock detective work and late nights dialing in the specs on these high quality, licensed, and limited-to-400 reissues.

Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! LP

The 1984 debut LP from The Landlords has long remained a cult favorite amongst punk+hardcore collectors and those local to the band's hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Formed in the Fall of 1983 through a chance encounter at WTJU, the University of Virginia's college radio station, The Landlords soon began practicing in the upper floor duplex apartment of bassist Eddie Jetlag, pissing off the landlord who lived downstairs, and thus earning their name. The Landlords' first show came only a couple of months later at the Plum's Lounge talent show, where the power was cut in the middle of their third song. Soon after, The Landlords became acquainted with the local punk scene in Charlottesville, playing frequently with Lackey Die and Beef People, and regional acts like Death Piggy and Scream. In March 1984, The Landlords headed up to Inner Ear Studios to record their debut LP with Don Zientara. Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! was released later that year on the band's own Catch Trout imprint. While the 21 song LP bears the same vibrant production as early DC hardcore releases, The Landlords' style and approach remains unique to this day. While a firmly-rooted hardcore punk record of the 1980's, tracks like "Nuns In Black Leather" (featuring guest vocals from Dave Smalley of D.Y.S. !), "Termination", and "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" hint at the dirgier, noise rock influenced direction the band would later move towards. Singer John Beers and guitarist Charlie Kramer would later go on to found the epic experimental duo, Happy Flowers. Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! has been remastered from the original reels for this reissue, limited to 400 copies. Packaged with a 12 page booklet featuring liner notes, never before seen photos of the band recording the album, and a spread of flyers + zine clippings, plus a digital download that includes 17 bonus tracks recorded just prior to the LP, a few of which never were re-recorded. A definitive edition of this highly underrated and essential document of early American hardcore punk. FEEL IT 12.

Buy black vinyl/300 copies.
Buy package deal including the second, previously unreleased Landlords LP, Fitzgerald's Paris.
Stream/download on Bandcamp.
Prompt Critical 7"
Formed in 1979, the Insinuations existed entirely on the fringes of the early Richmond punk scene. The band evolved out of a wild, politically-charged act, known as the I Remember Reality Revue - a two-man live performance that fringed between cabaret stage tradition and Fugs-esque satire. Following that, guitarist and vocalist W.R. Draper kept things moving, forming Insinuations with Linda Firmin, her partner Lynn Abbott on drums, and bassist Paul Lipscombe. The group did not last long, playing perhaps a dozen shows, and recording only two songs before disbanding. However, what the Insinuations left behind is quite unheralded and unique, even to this day. Released in 1980, "Prompt Critical" - an arty, schizoid punk blast with lyrics inspired by the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor failure of 1979, hits hard - delivering with a loose, oddball amount of character...perhaps in some parallel universe where Captain Beefheart and Pere Ubu coexist. Draper's deranged vocal delivery and wah-washed guitar lines are some of the era's best, standing tall amid a serious field of contending KBD/Bloodstains-comped hits. "(My Head Is Made Of) U.S. Muscle" is a highly worthy flip, every bit as odd and memorable. Originally pressed in a criminally obscure edition of 100 copies (!), with a picture sleeve simply marked, "Radiation Hazard", this authorized reissue has been sourced from one of only a handful of remaining originals. Limited edition of 400 copies, packaged in a printed dust sleeve with the addition of an insert featuring liner notes from band leader W.R. Draper plus a digital download code. A fine specimen of early 80's American punk, finally widely available after toiling in regional obscurity for nearly forty years! FEEL IT 19.

Buy black vinyl/400 copies.
Stream/download on Bandcamp.

We also just repressed RIK AND THE PIGSBlue Jean Queen 7" in a final edition of 200 copies. Grab one now if ya haven't, Ricky even sez it's his favorite Pigs record...well, until the next one.

In other label news, we've uploaded the PIOUS FAULTSOld Thread 12" in its entirety at Bandcamp. So far its been garnering comparisons ranging from Venom P. Stinger to Crucifucks to Saccharine Trust, so if off-centre guitar music is your thing, I highly recommend checking this one out. We will be releasing a 12" limited to 400 copies and a pro-cassette edition with bonus tracks just in time for Pious Faults' full US tour in late August. Still booking the tour, but prelimary dates are available if you scroll down on the Bandcamp page. Test presses are already in and sounding incredible! Speaking of tests, STIFF LOVE "Out of Control" 7" tests arrive on Friday and I'm very exited to listen! Recorded with the legendary Captain Tripps in Olympia and cut straight from tape by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering. Amy also cut the upcoming BETA BOYS LP, which is due out in August along with the Stiff Love, Pious Faults, and Cement Shoes records.

Oh, and I should mention that FRIED EGG have finally booked studio time in September to record our 12". Ten new tracks, being recorded straight to 2" tape just like our Beat Session that was released a few months back. Incredibly excited to finally get this thing down to tape.


June is often one of the slowest months for distro goods, so we would really use your support to continue bringing in so much great stock! That being said, highlights for this update include several EXCLUSIVE AUSSIE IMPORTS - 7"s from our pals at Helta Skelta (new COLD MEAT 7" + COLD MEAT/UBIK split 7") and No Patience (GELD demo on a 7"). Watch out for next month because we have two huge boxes with more new stock from No Patience and Paradise Daily en route. Also of note - we've got the fantastic DIRTY & HIS FISTS demo repackaged as a 7" from Negative Jazz, the incredible new TARANTULA 7" (look for the next Tarantula record on Feel It in late 2018!), a new issue of perhaps my fave HC punk fanzine NOT FOR EVERYONE, plus the new MAXIUMUM ROCK'N'ROLL that has excellent interviews with both Haircut and Gen Pop!

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!
Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

The main attraction here is our release show for THE LANDLORDS LP. The band is reuniting with all four original members for this one gig only, their first performance in over 30 years! We put together a sick lineup of local openers and this thing is FREE and at Charlottesville's best brewery, right off the Downtown Mall. Join us on June 30 at Champion!

We also put together another cool, FREE, and low key release gig for the INSINUATIONS 7" in Richmond.

JULY 5 INSINUATIONS 7" release gig with W.R. DRAPER (Insinuations band leader, first solo gig in over 5 years, performing "Prompt Critical" and more deranged fare) + punk DJs Sam Slug + Tomato Potato!

And finally, just a heads up that I'll be out of town from July 10-18 on a much needed vacation to Montreal, so all orders and emails will be on hold for that week.

Catch you soon!

May 2018 Update: GEN POP 7" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 5/11/2018 to News

Ladies and gents! May is upon us and what a month it has been already! The weather is amazing in Richmond right now, the GEN POP 7" is officially out, and I'm counting down the days until I finally get to hit the road again on CEMENT SHOES tour. I just had the realization that there are seven Feel It releases in production at the pressing plant right now, which is already about double our output in all of 2017. Holy smokes. It is a bit daunting, but with your support, I know this is going to be the best year that the label has ever seen. Lets get the fun disclaimer thing outta the way - I am leaving for tour on Saturday May 19 - which means you have exactly one week to place an order and have it shipped the next business day. Otherwise, any orders placed after May 18 will not ship until (at least) May 29.


We are back with the third Feel It release this year, the first true EP from Olympia punk luminaries GEN POP, following the vinyl pressing of their demo session on Lumpy/Upset The Rhythm. This is an incredibly exciting record for me, one that is so original and forward-thinking that it smashes most contemporary punk and hardcore attempts to a mere pulp. It's actually difficult to articulate exactly why GEN POP are one of the best current bands, so I had a friend write some words on the EP below.

Buy black vinyl/600 copies.

Stream/download on Bandcamp.

"On not-so-distant horizons, when we've all heard everything, what aesthetic flavors will prevail? The era of good taste is upon us everyone. Your play-acting rendition of that Brazilian d-beat demo or British long-haired mace-wielders or Midwestern pocket-protector-perverts does not impress me, as I too have an internet connection and as a matter of fact my little sister uploaded all that to Youtube upon her 12th birthday. I swiftly gave them all a thumbs down. Gen Pop, on the other hand, gets a thumbs up. This band sounds like they've been raised exclusively on the synth/female-oriented KBD cuts, but with the confidence of those mid-00's Scandinavians who came over to our big trailer park knowing exactly how good they looked and sounded. It has some in vogue Australian elements, but luckily Olympia does not swelter to the point of their guitarists simply walking a clean telecaster around like a tenured poet at community college, butterfly kisses, pulling your knob switch foot. Catchy, snotty old-world flavors served up cold in the fusion restaurant that is our futureless American paradigm. Wonderful!" - Brandon Gaffney

Make sure to check below for tour dates because GEN POP is heading out on a month-long tour that spans most of the upper continental US (and two Canadian dates) in just a few weeks! After that I've heard that they are headed to Europe this summer, so watch out!
Speaking of Olympia bands, we
now have preview tracks posted for both the STIFF LOVE 7" and BETA BOYS LP that will be out in August. Artwork is still materializing for both releases but I just put together this pretty sweet clip of a BETA BOYS track with some recent band photos taken at Courtney Love's abandoned property in Olympia.

And on top of that, there's even more good news - while I've been championing Australian bands, labels, and zines forever, I've never actually released an Australian band on vinyl. Well, that's all about to change, with PIOUS FAULTS from Brisbane. Aside from a brief feature in a recent issue of Distort and a demo cassette that hardly reached US listeners, PIOUS FAULTS are all but a mystery...until now. Come August, Feel It will be releasing Old Thread, a nine track 45rpm 12" record of epic proportion. PIOUS FAULTS are this wild, idealistic, abnormally tight unit of stark and original hardcore punk. I can see fans of Saccharine Trust, Spike In Vain, Dry Rot, and NSU really enjoying this, so uh, step aboard with "Cope", mastered by Mikey Young. Look for Pious Faults to tour most of the US in August & September! More on that soon.

June will bring the long-in-the-works reissue of THE LANDLORDS 1984 LP, Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! plus the second pressing of RIK AND THE PIGS Blue Jean Queen 7". There is a chance that the INSINUATIONS 7" reissue may be ready too, but I just got the crappy news that one of the stampers arrived to the plant cracked, thus the record has to be replated, and we're probably gonna miss the deadline on that one, oh well.

Holy smokes. This newsletter is already bursting attention spans, so I'll try and be efficient here. The distro is wildly stacked with new goods right now! Highlights include the BROWN SUGAR "Long Strange Drip" LP (collects over an hour of singles, comp tracks, and unreleased goods from this seminal Rustbelt group), several new releases from LA VIDA ES UN MUS (the OJO POR OJO LP especially rules), and the new Beat Session cassette from IMPALERS is just insane. Fellow Richmond label Dig! is back in the game with a serious reissue from Seattle circa 1980 with SHATTERBOX and their oddball rock'n'glam punker effort that rivals The Joneses and Heartbreakers for trash prize, but with their own snotty twist. The CHILD'S POSE 7" is a particularly underrated new gem from the UK. We are fully stocked up on new local/regional cassettes from the likes of GUMMING, DESTRUCT, and THE ATTACHMENTS. Oh, and if you're looking for a decent fanclub copy of the NO TREND "Too Many Humans" LP - I think that Feel It is the only place in the US that was able to score a grip, meaning they're gonna fly.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!
Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

CEMENT SHOES tour begins in just over a week and the dates are pretty much finalized. We'll have a new tape, shirts, and other fun stuff.
Here's the route:
Sat 5/19 Raleigh @ The Bunker w/ Mind Dweller, Scarecrow
Sun 5/20 Atlanta @ The EARL w/ Tit, Rapturous Grief
Mon 5/21 Hattiesburg, MS w/ Judy and the Jerks, Soft Spot
Tues 5/22 New Orleans @ Poor Boys
Weds 5/23 Memphis @ Lamplighter Lounge w/ Hash Redactor
Thurs 5/24 St. Louis @ CBGB w/ Q, Newt Patrol, Body Leash
Fri 5/25 Chicago @ Bric-A-Brac Records (matinee gig before The Spits show)
Sat 5/26 Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/ Aquarium, Drum Machine, Straight A's, Roobydocks
Sun 5/27 Pittsburgh @ Rock Room w/ Blood Pressure

I really wish that I could tell you all more about the GEN POP tour dates, here is all I have for the moment. Hopefully the June newsletter will arrive in your inbox in time for some of the unannounced dates to be announced. The band will have copies of the new 7" on Feel It, of course!

6/2 Spokane
6/3 Boise @ The Manor w/ Choir Boys
6/4 Denver
6/5 Kansas City @ Kum N Go w/ Erik Nervous, The Whiffs
6/6 St. Louis @ Blank Space w/ The MKII, Miss Lady, Pineapple R'nr', Mom
6/7 Indianapolis @ State Street Pub w/ The MKII, Amethyst Gaze, Total Disgust
6/8 Richmond @ VSC w/ Haircut, No Love, Itsy Bitsy
6/9 DC
6/10 Philly @ Beautiful World Syndicate w/ The Smarthearts
6/11 NYC @ JMZ House w/ Kaleidoscope, Sister Anne, Twisted Thing
6/12 Montreal @ La Sotterenea w/ No Negative, Body Break
6/13 Toronto
6/14 Chicago
6/15 Minneapolis
6/16 Omaha
6/18 Salt Lake City
6/19 Portland

Okay, that's IT for now. Until next time...


April 2018 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 4/26/2018 to News
Hey folks! April has been an absolutely jam-packed month here at Feel It HQ. Where to start? It was a blast to set up at Damaged City for the fourth year in a row. I booked an outdoor DIY gig for Hank Wood and the Hammerheads last weekend and something like 200 people showed up! Spent a lot of time in the studio and practice space, finishing the Cement Shoes 7", tightening things up for the Fried Egg 12", and even finished up the debut cassingle for a solo project that I've had in the works for a long while. More on all of that later. Anyhow, there is a LOT of news + updates this month, so Iets get to it, shall we?


First up - the vinyl for the GEN POP "II" 7" showed up about three weeks ahead of schedule, so with the print pieces finishing soon, I've added preorder options to the site and posted the full EP on Bandcamp for streaming+downloading. The official release date on this one will be May 11. If you're after a color copy (on stunning bright yellow vinyl), it may be wise to preorder, because I see my copies going rather quickly.

Preorder the 7" (Bright yellow vinyl, limited to 100 copies.)

Stream/download on Bandcamp.

With Spring officially in effect, and our stock of shirt sizes dwindling, I decided it was about time for a new run of shirts! This time, we've got striking red ringer tees available, featuring artwork from Shiva of Kaleidoscope. I also made a small run of tote bags. All orders of $100 or more will receive a free tote while supplies last.

I just approved test presses and finalized the packaging for our reissue of the seminal 1984 LP from THE LANDLORDS. 21 tracks of fast, witty, and highly original hardcore punk, recorded at the now-legendary Inner Ear Studios. We've remastered this from the original master tape and have a 12 page booklet and 18 bonus tracks with the digital download. That will be out in mid-June, along with a reissue of theINSINUATIONS 7" (Richmond, 1980), and a second pressing of RIK AND THE PIGS "Blue Jean Queen" 7". Look for the Pigs on the East coast in September!

Last month, I promised that there would be even more to announce, and I'm holding true to that! I just sent off a 7" single for CEMENT SHOES that will be released in July for our appearance at Lokifest in Cleveland. These new tracks really epitomize the creativity and sense of humor that the band holds, and the production easily eclipses our demo. Brandon even sez it's his favorite thing that he's played on since the Brown Sugar LP!

Have a listen to "Fruity Funhouse" from CEMENT SHOES A Peace Product of the USA 7".

And that's not quite all - the releases are really stacking up over here - but I think you'll be as excited as I am for the sheer quality of work we're about to embark upon. Slated for a mid-August release, I'm proud to announce that Feel It will be releasing an LP for Olympia's BETA BOYS, entitled Late Nite Acts. And let me tell ya, these 10 tracks absolutely KILL! To say that Beta Boys have made a great transition from 7" to LP material would be an understatement. This album is currently at mastering and we hope to have a preview track next month. Look for Beta Boys to have LPs at Skull Fest and on a short East coast tour in August. Coinciding with that, we'll have a brand new 7" single from yet another Olympia group, STIFF LOVE. Recorded direct to tape with Capt. Tripps (who also recorded the Gen Pop 7") on the heels of touring around Everything Is Not OK Fest, these two tracks represent Stiff Love at their best yet! These ladies have an undeniable rock'n'roll knack and all the swagger to back it up. They will also be coming out for Skull Fest with Beta Boys! Beyond that, I have another two very, very special 12" releases to announce, but lets rest there for now.

Yes, that really is another new issue of the almighty DISTORT. Distort Tokyo, in fact. This is perhaps the most that DX has written about new music in some time, including everything from Milk Music to Sleep to Death Side. Nearly 100% editorial, jam packed full of writing at 32 pages (half size, as Distort will be from now on) plus a center spread with a gig flyer for the upcoming Rixe/Total Control show. If you are a subscriber, your copy goes out on Friday! I also found some stock copies of a few Distort back issues for anyone looking.

I'll keep this short, but the distro is literally and figuratively bursting with great new releases and reissues. Highlights include the recent NO TREND Teen Love 7" reissue and archival You Deserve Your Life LP, SKULL CULT LP, new NANDAS 7" EP, SIMPLY SAUCER 2xLP, 500 Flyers book from Sam Ryser and Eugene Terry, a new live KALEIDOSCOPE tape, CIVIC's New Vietnam 12" (my fave new Australian group, seriously well done and driving hard rock/punk), the SPECIAL INTEREST 12", and FETISH 7" single.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!
Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

For any Richmond locals reading this, I'll also be at the VG MINUS Record Fair at Hardywood Brewery on May 6, and will be cutting loose some goods from my personal collection.

I'll be hitting the road with CEMENT SHOES in May! While this means that all online orders placed after May 18 will not shipuntil May 29, I will have a large selection of the distro on tour. So come see Da Shoes if we're hitting your city! We'll have a new tape featuring the 7" single tracks, shirts, and other fun stuff.
Here's the route:
Sat 5/19 Raleigh @ The Bunker w/ Mind Dweller, Scarecrow
Sun 5/20 Atlanta @ The EARL w/ Tit, Rapturous Grief
Mon 5/21 Hattiesburg, MS
Tues 5/22 New Orleans
Weds 5/23 Memphis @ Lamplighter Lounge
Thurs 5/24 St. Louis @ CBGB w/ Q, Body Leash
Fri 5/25 Chicago - TBA early gig before The Spits show
Sat 5/26 Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/ Aquarium, Drum Machine, Straight A's, Roobydocks
Sun 5/27 Pittsburgh w/ Blood Pressure

And while I'm still waiting on more info for the GEN POP tour in June, here's an excellent tour poster designed by D.H. Strother. Should have a full itinerary for the next update.

Okay, that's IT for now. Until next time...



Posted by Sam Richardson on 3/8/2018 to News
Hey people! Kicking off March with an early mailing list update for ya. It's been a busy few weeks here, shipping tons of COWBOYS records out (thanks to many of you!), and prepping for a serious slate of upcoming releases. Next month we should have at least one new release to announce, hopefully with a preview track. In other ROCK'N'ROLL NEWS, the FRIED EGG Beat Session Vol. 4 has finally been released on cassette, and I'll have copies in the distro next week. This is absolutely my favorite Egg recording to date, many thanks to the studio talent of Mike Kriebel (also of DIRTY & HIS FISTS) at The Golden Beat in LA. Speaking of Beat Sessions, RIK AND THE PIGS just did one and it is absolutely smoking...so look for that eventually! In the meantime, the Pigs' Blue Jean Queen 7" is down to less than 5 copies so snag one now! Cement Shoes also just finished tracking 3 new songs for an upcoming, self-released 7" that I'm REEEAL excited for. We just need to add vocals once Daniel is back from HAIRCUT tour (going GREAT from all reports) and mix that sucker. Look for Da Shoes on a short South/Midwest tour in late May!

WHEW! March is off to an ace start. First and foremost, the new KALEIDOSCOPE 7", which the band has released on their own D4MTLABS, INC. imprint. Sure to appease fans of the 12" on Feel It - and if you ever doubted the power of this band, now is your lucky chance to be proven wrong!! Also from the D4MT LABS fellas, we have the X-20/SUBDOM split cassette, featuring the first solo recordings from Kaleidoscope drummer Owen Deutsch. Real wild and (naturally) percussive tuneage that sits well after a few listens, backed with the raw, synth punk styles of fellow NYC dwellers, SUBDOM. And even more from NYC - we have the TATTOO PUNK FANZINE from Ben Trogdon, our multi-talented friend responsible for NUTS! and ROCK'N'ROLL FOREVER. Although I have zero tattoos, I highly recommend this - not only for the top notch photography and layout, but also the sheer QUALITY of coverage (i.e. this is not some skull'n'bones flash kinda cash-in). What else? The latest from LUMPY REX brings quality full lengths from WARM BODIES and AQUARIUM, Total Punk graces us with the unapologetically hilarious full length from Cleveland's PERVERTS AGAIN, we got a box of imports from our German pals at STATIC AGE MUSIK and some high quality punk en Español from Going Underground. ALSO - If you haven't noticed I've been listing "upcoming arrivals" on the home page screen of the site..right now this includes the new HANK WOOD LP, POWER 7", URANIUM CLUB live LP (finally, after our first box of these made a cross-continental trip back to Italy), and more! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!

I will keep this short but the good news is that the GEN POP "II" 7" has been cut (straight from analogue tape, mind you) by the always apt Josh Bonati, and is off to plating. Should have test presses later this month and vinyl for ya in early May. After that, two long-awaited reissues of primo early 80's Virginia punk and hardcore from THE LANDLORDS and INSINUATIONS are up next and slated for a June co-release. More to announce soon!

Also, look for the Feel It distro to be set up at the Saturday main show of DAMAGED CITY FEST on April 7. HAIRCUT has just been added to the Sunday art + matinee show on April 8! For any locals reading this, I'll also be at the VG MINUS Record Fair at Hardywood Brewery on May 6, and will be cutting loose some goods from my personal collection.

RIK AND THE PIGS just wrapped up a successful West coast tour, while also recording Live at Tony's Garage AND a Beat Session in the process. Here's a video of the Pigs laying waste to a Mexican restaurant in SoCal :) HAIRCUT is also nearing the end of their "America's Fucking Gross" tour (and it sure is, as they've been trudging through the frost and snow of the Northeast for the past several days) but I've heard nothing short of rave reviews of the live set, and thankfully they're taking good care of my van on the road. OKAY...so THE COWBOYS leave for tour on TOMORROW and we finally have full tour dates. Do everything in your power to see them rock on such short notice!

Fri 3/9 Bloomington @ Blockhouse Bar w/ ABC Gum
Sat 3/10 Louisville @ Nach Bar
Sun 3/11 Nashville @ The Cobra w/ Mighty Jabronis, Grace Vonderkuhn
Mon 3/12 Atlanta @ The Earl w/ Deep State, Dinner Time
Tues 3/13 Birmingham @ The Firehouse
Weds 3/14 New Orleans @ Circle Bar w/ Vile Bodies, Stiff Love, Policy, Trampoline Team
Thurs 3/15 Austin HELP NEEDED
Fri 3/16 San Antonio @ Paper Tiger w/ Sloppy Jane, Soda Boys
Sat 3/17 Austin @ Hotel Vegas - Burgermania VII
Sun 3/18 Memphis @ Murphy's
Mon 3/19 St Louis @ Pizza Head

Last but not least, I also have the full KALEIDOSCOPE Midwest and East coast dates!

Sun 3/18 Philly @ Cousin Danny's w/ Blank Spell, Haldol, Mint
Mon 3/19 Cleveland @ Old Homestead Tavern w/ The Cowboy, Real Regular, Rubber Mate
Tues 3/20 Chicago @ ChiTown Futbol w/ Super Unison, C.H.E.W., Dream Probe, Red Delicious, Droids Blood
Weds 3/21 Minneapolis @ Dead Media w/ Shapeshifter, Aquarium,
Obchod Na Korze 6PM!

Thurs 3/22 Kansas City
Fri 3/23 Oklahoma City
Sat 3/24 Austin
Sun 3/25 Houston
Mon 3/26 Hattiesburg, MS
Tues 3/27 Atlanta @ 529 w/ Uniform 7PM!
Weds 3/28 Greensboro, NC @ Sabine w/ Scarecrow, Silica
Thurs 3/29 Richmond @ Crystal Palace w/ Deviant, Cement Shoes

That's IT for now. Until next time...


February 2018 Update - THE COWBOYS LP + 7" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 2/23/2018 to News
Hey folks, welcome back to another Feel It update! It's hard to believe that I'm typing this February update with my office window cracked open...glad that winter is nearly over! Anyhow, I'll cut straight to the chase since this update is absolutely packed with news - the first two Feel It releases of 2018 are ready to roll! We have the long-awaited American pressing of THE COWBOYS "Volume 4" LP and a four song COWBOYS "Live at Tony's Garage" 7". All pre-orders have already shipped and the limited color vinyl for each record is already over halfway gone for each record, so act fast if you're after a color copy of either!
At long last, a proper American pressing of the incredible Volume 4 cassette from Bloomington, Indiana's hometown heroes, The Cowboys. By now, you might be familiar with the stripped down, yet intelligent and powerful rock'n'roll force of The Cowboys - perhaps from their recent full length on Hozac or from their earlier cassette output which was collected onto an LP by Lumpy Records. Volume 4 captures The Cowboys at a near-perfect intersection of their earlier, lo-fi moments of Gizmos-esque Midwestern punk snarl and the more tuneful, soul-spun moments of recent output. This definitive edition of Volume 4 reproduces the ten song tracklisting of the original 2016 cassette edition released by fellow Bloomingtonian Kora Puckett (of Bugg, Laffing Gas, and Chud) on his Turd Wurld imprint. From the opening hook of "When She Came Back" (available on vinyl for the first time here, as well as the lead cut on side B, "Porridge"), The Cowboys showcase a songwriting knack and musical ability that is rarely achieved, nor captured so well in a studio setting. Keith Harman's next-level vocal delivery leads the charge across the entire album, ranging from the strong, anthemic chants of "I Feel Therefore I Am" to the deep, melancholic closing moments of "Actors". And what's more? The musicianship across this entire album is every bit as impeccable - beginning with the forceful and driving rhythm section and continuing to the absolutely unbridled guitar playing and tone, the sum of which shapes the texture of the entire recording. A score of Bloomington-based guest musicians, including Durand Jones (leader of modern soul sensations, The Indications) and John Terrill (formerly of the early 80's new wave group, The Dancing Cigarettes) only adds to the already searing mix. Altogether, The Cowboys have captured something truly unrivaled and exceptional on Volume 4 - an album that speaks from a homespun, Midwestern vantage point and fires on all musical cylinders. The end result: ten absolutely classic sonic reductions of epic proportion. This definitive edition of Volume 4 has been cut at 45 RPM by Josh Bonati and includes a new insert with artwork from The Cowboys' own Zack Worcel plus a digital download code. 100 copies on Sky Blue vinyl + 500 copies on black vinyl including a 2" square hype sticker. FEEL IT 16.
Listen: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/volume-4
Purchase limited Sky Blue vinyl:
While touring the West coast in May 2017, Bloomington rock'n'roll heroes The Cowboys stopped for a one-off recording session at a friend's garage in sunny Whittier, California. The result: an impressively tight and vibrant batch of tracks, brimming with crunchy, direct-to-tape production. Instead of letting this powerful session dwindle on the original cassette that it was recorded on, we've opted to press Live at Tony's Garage to a proper destination format, 7" vinyl at 45 RPM. The session kicks off with possibly the best recorded version of a Cowboys staple, "Mint Condition", plus two more raw originals that were recently featured on their debut LP for Hozac. The session also features a roaring cover of the 1964 garage rock classic, "The Witch", as originally performed by The Sonics. This perfect four track EP sits nicely between The Cowboys' incredible string of studio recordings and the raw energy of their live performances. Live at Tony's Garage has been remastered for vinyl by Josh Bonati and includes a Cowboys sticker plus digital download code with an exclusive bonus track. 100 copies on Neon Green vinyl + 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a foldover sleeve printed ontextured Stipple stock. FEEL IT 17.
Listen: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-tonys-garage
Purchase limited Neon Green vinyl:


Just added two big batches of records to the site - Rerun Records has done the universe a huge favor by reissuing the first two GREAT PLAINS LPs (esssential 80's garage pop from Ron House & co - highly recommended if you enjoy House's current group, Counter Intuits) and the cult HC/punk 7" from TEENAGE DEPRESSION. Tons of restocks on Rerun's ace catalog of punk/KBD reissues as well. Just landed some imports from La Vida Es Un Mus, including debut 12"s from the UK's RUNT and BETA BLOCKERS. Scooped a bunch of La Vida restocks as well. We've also got the new SCRAP BRAIN + SBSM 7"s on Thrilling Living, new Iron Lung releases including the SECT MARK + SCUMRAID LPs, a new issue of Richmond's COOL HISS zine, and of course some great new Australian releases from EXEK (recommended if ya like Total Control) and DRUNK MUMS. Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!

We also have some really cool stuff on the way, including the new KALEIDOSCOPE 7" and the new Tattoo Punk fanzine from Ben Trogdon (Nuts!, Rock'N'Roll Forever) so check back soon!

Masters are in for our next release, the second 7" from Olympia punks GEN POP ! Very excited on how these recordings turned out, with ace analog production courtesy of the renowned Captain Tripps. We have this slated for a May release to coincide with Gen Pop's tour that will hit most of the Midwest and East Coast (including Toronto and Montreal).

Have a listen to "Plastic Comb" from GEN POP.

Following Gen Pop, I'm very excited to be reissuing two great punk/hardcore records from right here in Virginia! I've mentioned THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party" LP reissue in previous updates, but after months of delays, this thing is finally ready to send off. If you enjoyed the archival "Fitzgerald's Paris" LP on Feel It, then you're going to love this reissue. 21 songs jam packed full of furious, yet intelligent and original hardcore punk circa '84 from Charlottesville, VA. Recorded at the legendary Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara and remastered direct from the original reels. Packaging will include a 12 page booklet of previously unpublished photos and flyers plus a bonus download of the scare '83 Landlords demo that features several completely unreleased songs!
Possibly even more exciting, though, is that "Radiation Hazard" record you see above. Well, that happens to be the lone 7" single from Richmond's INSINUATIONS. After months of amateur detective work, I managed to track down the man behind Insinuations, Bill Draper. From there, the mystery started to unravel a bit - Insinuations were a short lived punk/new wave project that lasted from around 1979-1981, releasing one hideously rare 7" single, "Prompt Critical" b/w "(My Head Is Made Of) US Muscle". 100 copies were pressed, with only a handful of known copies having survived the 30+ years since. Perhaps even more exciting though, is just how incredible this record is - with the subject matter of "Prompt Critical" inspired by the infamous 1979 nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island. The music itself is incredibly fluid and original - from the insane guitar tone to double tracked male/female vocals to the sheer insanity of something THIS GOOD existing in relative obscurity for so long. Anyhow, after finding Bill, he was able to source an original copy of the 7" for this reissue - so stay tuned for more INSINUATIONS news! Have a listen to a crummy rip of "Prompt Critical" for now.

Holy smokes...this has to be a small record label owner's dream - when every active band on the label is touring, nearly all at the same time. Well it's happening folks, so spare the long email - hopefully one of these incredible bands is headed your way soon!

First up, RIK AND THE PIGS are in the midst of a big West coast tour in support of their debut LP and the "Blue Jean Queen" 7" on Feel It (we're down to the last 10 copies, by the way!). Here are the remaining Pigs dates:

Sat 2/24 LA @ the Y w/ Uranium Club, Dirty & His Fists, Hit Bargain
Sun 2/25 Long Beach @ 4th St Vine w/ Die Group, Hip Priest
Mon 2/26 San Pedro @ Recess Ops w/ Mike Watt & the Missing Men, Joe Baiza
Tues 2/27 LA @ the Rec Center w/ Sauber Zauber, Purity
Wed 2/28 LA Hellbent booking presents 'R&TP' @ the Hi Hat w/ Slaughterhouse, Tenement Rats
Thurs 3/1 Oakland @ White Horse bar w/ Midnite Snaxxx, Beatniks
Fri 3/2 Chico @ Duffys Tavern w/ Sunny Acres, Truck Stop
Sat 3/3 Portland @ the Firkin w/ VOG, Fantastic Plastic
Sun 3/4 Spokane house show w/ Pit

HAIRCUTare about to set out on their first tour (in support of the "Shutting Down" 7", of which they have the last color vinyl copies of). This starts next week!

Weds 2/28 RVA tour kickoff @ Lovejail w/ Body Pressure, Lipid
Thurs 3/1 Lexington, KY @ Liberty House w/ Abraxas, Dad, Kink
Fri 3/2 Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse Bar w/ Evel, Porunga
Sat 3/3 Chicago @ TBA w/ Pentas, Social Quarantine, Accela
Sun 3/4 Cleveland @ Yellow Ghetto w/ Deche, Weed Whacker
Tues 3/6 Buffalo TBA
Weds 3/7 Toronto @ Faith/Void w/ Prom Nite, Midnight Garden, Tourist
Thurs 3/8 Rochester @ Photo City Improv w/ Aretheyyestheyare, Moolah, Dick Snare
Fri 3/9 Brooklyn @ Heck w/ Radiation Risks, Sickhead, Spic, Fealty
Sat 3/10 Philly @ The Mothership w/ Radiation Risks, Neophobe, Dialer

THE COWBOYS are making a short run South, where it looks like they'll be headlining a gig at SXSW?! The band totally dropped the ball on sending me info, but here's what I could dig up online. They will have copies of both new records on Feel It.

Sun 3/11 Nashville @ The Cobra w/ Grace Vonderkuhn
Mon 3/12 Atlanta @ The Earl
Tues 3/13 Kansas City @ Voltaire w/ Natural Man, The Rubs
Weds 3/14 New Orleans @ Circle Bar w/ Vile Bodies, Stiff Love, Policy, Trampoline Team
Fri 3/16 San Antonio @ Paper Tiger w/ Sloppy Jane, Soda Boys
Sun 3/18 Austin @ Hotel Vegas w/ Chronophage, Sass, Trouble Boys, Breakout, Temple of Angels

and finally... KALEIDOSCOPE are hitting the Midwest and East coast come mid-late March. This tour is still being booked, but here's the info I have. Kaleidoscope will have copies of their fantastic new, self-released 7".

Sun 3/18 Philly @ Cousin Danny's w/ Blank Spell, Haldol, Mint
Mon 3/19 Cleveland @ Old Homestead Tavern w/ The Cowboy, Real Regular, Rubber Mate
Tues 3/20 Chicago @ ChiTown Futbol w/ Super Unison, C.H.E.W., Dream Probe, Red Delicious, Droids Blood
Tues 3/27 Atlanta @ 529 w/ Uniform (7pm early show)
Thurs 3/29 Richmond @ Crystal Palace w/ Deviant, Cement Shoes

That's IT for now. Until next time...


January 2018 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 1/25/2018 to News
Hey folks, hope 2018 is off to a great start for you all. January has flown by around here! The new Rik and the Pigs + Haircut 7"s are both doing quite well (less than 40 Pigs and under 10 Haircut left on color) and my new band Cement Shoes finally released our demo. I also just finished assembling the three latest issues of DISTORT zine, which are all live on the site now. If you have a US subscription, it has already been mailed!

DISTORT #51 (Distort Melbourne): Interview with Melbourne artist and musician Jim McCullough. Full color front cover featuring Jim's artwork.
DISTORT #52 (Distort Sydney): Interviews with Orion, Royal Headache, Crime Spree, Nasho, Fatalitas, BB & The Blips.
DISTORT #52 (Distort Queensland): Interviews with Comrade Xero, Pious Faults, Sex Drive, Lena Molnar, Andrew Mclennan.


2018 is off to a pretty great start, right?! First and foremost, we have copies of the incredible RIK AND THE PIGS "A Child's Gator" LP. Already running very low on those, so snag one asap if you need one. Also have copies of the fantastic 2nd LP from Canadian punkers BOOJI BOYS, restocked on Paradise Daily releases (including the SEX TOURISTS 12"), and the amazing debut 7" from Australia's PARSNIP, plus much more. Free shipping always applies for all US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!


Our first two releases of 2018 are right around the corner! THE COWBOYS "Volume 4" LP (US pressing with two tracks not on the UK pressing, cut loud at 45rpm) and "Live at Tony's Garage" 7" (three originals and a killer Sonics cover, recorded live to tape in a California garage!). Just got word that test presses will be arriving on Monday, and all of the print parts are nearly done, so stay tuned for a **fingers crossed** February release date. There will be color vinyl for both records as well.

Beyond that, I just sent off for the GEN POP "II" 7", which is due to be out in May. Previously I had mentioned that this would be a 12", but we decided that all 6 tracks could be cut at 45rpm on a 7" without the need for a DJ'ed remix track to take up the entire B-side of a 12". This new material is incredible and easily tops the demo-to-vinyl 7" released on Lumpy/Upset The Rhythm. Hopefully I'll have a preview track to share soon. I am also booking a Gen Pop US tour from June 1-23, so watch for them across the country this summer!

Speaking of tours, a bunch of bands on the label are hitting the road in March. I'll have full dates in next month's update, but here's what you can expect:

RIK & THE PIGS - West coast (late Feb-mid March)
HAIRCUT - Midwest/East coast (early March)
THE COWBOYS - South/Texas/Midwest (mid March)

Also of note - KALEIDOSCOPE are having a release show for their upcoming, self-released 7" on February 24 in NYC. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out this preview track. I'll have plenty of copies in the distro once this record is available.

That's about it for now. Until next time...


December 2017 update: RIK & THE PIGS + HAIRCUT 7"s out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 12/22/2017 to News
Hello folks, it's a busy time of the year for everyone, and things are no different at Feel It HQ! I've got a ton of news to expound upon in this email, but first and foremost, I'm very proud to close out 2017 with new 7"s from RIK & THE PIGS and HAIRCUT. Both of these came out looking and sounding incredibly strong, and I'm thrilled to share these records with the world.

RIK & THE PIGS "Blue Jean Queen" 7"
Rik and his Pigs return! Three tracks recorded this past summer in Portland at the tail end of the Pigs' West coast tour finds the current six piece lineup tight and ruling as ever. "Blue Jean Queen" kicks thing off in fine fashion with a rocking, Dictators-esque stomp brimming with snarled vocals and crunchy guitar hooks. The Pigs work up a new sax-washed version of "TV Bloopers" to finish off side A, which is backed with the brooding, bass-driven "Off/On". Yet another excellent batch of tracks from your favorite gang of Olympia punks, and a fine companion piece to the upcoming LP on Total Punk. 500 copies housed in a full color textured pocket sleeve with lyric insert.
Listen at: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/blue-jean-queen
Buy at: http://www.feelitrecordshop.com/RIK-AND-THE-PIGS-Blue-Jean-Queen-7-_p_912.html

If you've been snoozing we also just repressed the excellent"Life's A Bust 7"

HAIRCUT "Shutting Down" 7"
Five tracks of furious hardcore punk on the debut EP from Richmond's HAIRCUT. Originally formed in nearby Charlottesville, VA (and opening countless shows at the legendary Magnolia House), Haircut released a strong demo at the end of 2016 before landing just down I-64 in Richmond. The speed and precision displayed across "Shutting Down" is rarely captured so well on a band's first record, but the execution on these five tracks (all of which burn through in 60-90 seconds) is hard to match. Just as essential to this release are Juliana's tireless, outspoken lyrics (both in English + Spanish) and vocal delivery which echoes from a very candid perspective often missing in contemporary punk and hardcore. A standout EP devoid of any gimmickry or trend-worship. Simply pure, classic hardcore punk. Housed in a glue pocket sleeve featuring artwork from Shiva Addanki plus lyric insert. 400 Black / 100 Clear Yellow vinyl for mailorder.
Listen at: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/shutting-down
Buy CLEAR YELLOW VINYL at: http://www.feelitrecordshop.com/HAIRCUT-Shutting-Down-7-CLEAR-YELLOW-VINYL_p_910.html
Buy BLACK VINYL at: http://www.feelitrecordshop.com/HAIRCUT-Shutting-Down-7-_p_909.html



Whew, what a way to close the year! New releases from all over the place! First off, we have the ace new TOTAL CONTROL-Laughing at the System 12', the first ever legit vinyl issue of the minimal synth masterpiece from SOLID SPACE, the second 7" from Chicago punks TARANTULA (holy smokes this band just keeps getting better), the insanely catchy full length debut from Bloomington rockers BUGG, and smattering of new goods from our pals at La Vida Es Un Mus, Total Punk, Lumpy, Neck Chop, + more. Oh, have you picked up the final issue of CRETINS OF DISTORTION with flexi tracks from Uranium Club and Lumpy?! Free shipping always applies for all US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!

Where to start?! First off, I want to thank all of you for making this the busiest and most successful year that the label has ever had! Really means a lot to have such a strong crowd of regulars and to meet fans of the label/bands I've released whenever I travel. Just saw
BAD NOIDS prove that they're one of the best groups on the planet in NYC over the weekend, what a time!! Anyhow, I've assembled a package deal of our 2017 releases (KALEIDOSCOPE 12" plus 7"s from DIRTY & HIS FISTS, RIK & THE PIGS, and HAIRCUT) for anyone looking to catch up.

Okay, so this week I finalized the masters for THE COWBOYS "Volume 4" LP and "Live at Tony's Garage" 7", which are being cut by Josh Bonati shortly and on track for a February release. Have a listen to one track from each release over on our Soundcloud page. I'm also pleased to announce that a 12" for Olympia's GEN POP is in the works! For anyone who missed their excellent demo, (which Lumpy has collected onto 7") GEN POP boasts current/ex members of Olympia favorites such as VEXX and RIK & THE PIGS, and the sound here is strikingly original; a mash up of punk/wave/hardcore insanity, with one of the most unique vocal approaches that I've encountered in ages. Anyhow, the concept is still taking shape, but the 12" will consist of several new Gen Pop originals backed with a remix track from Chris of TransFX. Look for Gen Pop on tour this May as well!

Speaking of tours, DIRTY & HIS FISTS are hitting the West coast in just under a week! They will have copies of the new 7" on Feel It.


I know it's been years (ages...mate) since Australia's legendary DISTORT mag has published a new issue, but hold tight...we've got three new issues in queue to print up for North Americans in January.

Following that, FRIED EGG is nearing completion of writing for a 12" record, which I'll release on Feel It later in the year. The band is tight as ever, and approaching things with some serious originality, definitely a progression from the 7"s we've released if that tells you anything. In the meantime, watch for the FRIED EGG "Beat Session Vol. 4" cassette to be released on LA's Shout Recordings in January, alongside an IMPALERS Beat Session.

Oh! And my new group CEMENT SHOES has just finished a demo, which you can hear right HERE. This thing is coming out as a cassette on the esteemed Loki Label in January. Richmond doesn't seem to fully grasp the Shoes...yet (as you can hear from the opening clip on the demo) so if you wanna bring us to your city or town, drop me an email, seriously!

Okay, on that note, I'm outta here. Catch you all in 2018. I am inspired and passionate as ever about this label and seriously mean that. The sound of the future is where I want to remain seated.


Cyber Monday Sale: 20% off the entire site!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 11/26/2017 to News

Hey folks! Hope everyone out there is having a quality holiday weekend. I had a great time visiting family and filling up on the traditional Thanksgiving fixings...also got in a much needed FRIED EGG practice session. I'd say we're 3/4 done writing for a 12" and I can't wait to get back to the studio for this one. Before that, we'll have a Beat Session cassette out on LA's Shout Recordings (dropping with an IMPALERS session tape as well!). Also, just figured I'd mention that Fried Egg is headed up to DC on Dec 15 to play the last KOMBAT / CLOSET CHRIST show, which is shaping up to be insane. Totally worth a drive from anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region. If you can't hit that one, there's also a rare INMATES / BAD NOIDS / VILE GASH gig in NYC the following night, which I'll be at as well. Haven't seen Bad Noids in something like 5 years! But onto the Cyber Monday sale...

I wanted to give mailing list folks first crack at this sale before I blast social media tomorrow, so have at it! 20% off EVERYTHING on the site. Just enter NOWTHATSADEAL in the "Apply coupon" box at checkout. Now is a great time to pick up the latest batch of imports from NO PATIENCE (which are all running very low), not to mention the new COWBOYS LP on Hozac, which is going down as one of my favorite 2017 releases. I also marked all of the remaining Feel It "Logo" shirts (Sam Ryser design) down to $7, and with the Cyber Monday discount, they're even cheaper! Help me clear some room so I can print up a new run of shirts, maybe even some tote bags?!

Free shipping still applies for all US orders of $60 or more. Free Feel It sticker with every order.


Busy as ever! HAIRCUT + RIK & THE PIGS 7"s are due to hit the presses on Tuesday. Both releases for THE COWBOYS are in the trusted hands of Josh Bonati for mastering and cutting, and artwork is ready to roll, so we're very much on schedule for a February release.

ALSO - I'm always looking for new stores and distros to carry Feel It releases (+ others that I distribute), and I've made that much, much easier with a new wholesale website. So here's a little incentive I'm offering to customers: If you share this wholesaler signup link with a new shop or distro and have them mention your name as a referral in the "comments" section of the signup form, I will personally send you a 20% off coupon to use towards any future order.

Before I sign off, here's Episode 5 of Feel It Radio...told you I would be keeping up with the show! Enjoy the tunes / catch you soon.


November 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 11/14/2017 to News
Hello everyone! Back with some excellent new records for you in November. It sure feels like winter around here, and I'm honestly glad to be done with touring for the next few months. My new band CEMENT SHOES just played our first two legit local shows last week, and it was much better than the previous open mic night where the MC unplugged us! If you're curious, Cement Shoes also features folks from Brown Sugar, Tapehead, Haircut, and Firing Squad and we play a rocked out style of hardcore punk. I am stoked. Demo forthcoming on the Loki Label. Otherwise, I've been busy getting things in line for the upcoming RIK AND THE PIGS and HAIRCUT 7"s, which are due to be on press in just a couple weeks. There will be limited "clear beer" yellow vinyl for the HAIRCUT 7" as well, and it looks like they'll be touring in the spring.

Okay, lets keep going. Today marked a very special, unexpected delivery of records and tapes from NO PATIENCE RECORDS. For the uninitiated, No Patience are one of the best current underground Australian labels and I'm very happy to now be distributing their releases in North America.

We have brand new LPs from THE UGLIES and DEATH CHURCH, the TALC 7", and pro-cassettes from BELGRADO, PTSD, SKIZOPHRENIA, SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA, and THE UGLIES! Act fast as all of these are limited to 300 or less!

Buy here: http://www.feelitrecordshop.com/NEW-ARRIVALS_c_32.html

Also new in the distro - a big restock from Drunken Sailor, new jams from NASTI, RAKTA, and ACRYLICS on Iron Lung, new LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS 12", UNIFORM 12", the gSp 12" and NEON demo CS from Thrilling Living, new LIQUIDS 7", HARAM LP, plus some sick fanclub/KBD type reissues, and more demo cassettes. Oh yeah, make sure you check all of the sweet new sale items that have been marked down - some serious deals to be had! Free shipping still applies for all US orders of $60 or more.

I also have some brand new Feel It stickers to toss in with every order! Featuring artwork from our latest shirt design created by Shiva Addanki of Kaleidoscope.

Well I've already mentioned the upcoming batch of 7"s for December, but last week I also sent off for the first two Feel It releases of 2018. Very pleased to announce that we'll be working with
THE COWBOYS on two separate records. First, a proper US edition of the "Volume 4" LP with its original tracklisting (that matches the tape version on Turd World) and a 7" edition of the "Live At Tony's Garage" session, which was recorded in California on The Cowboys' most recent trip out West. You can have a listen to the live session at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbagxW8_FVo And if you're unfamiliar with the Volume 4 LP, we just restocked a big grip of the UK edition from our pals at Drunken Sailor.
Anyhow, we're looking at a February release for both discs, and there WILL be colored vinyl for both. I will probably bite the bullet and announce some pre-order options once the new year hits.

On a closing note, I am finally back on top of things and have restarted the Feel It radio show! Episode #4 has just been posted and is chock full of over 1 hour of rock music spanning the 60's up through, uhh, the future? That's right, I played a new Rik and the Pigs track off the test pressing of their upcoming 7" on Feel It. Anyhow, thanks for reading, and I'll be back in a few short weeks with some great new releases to share with you.


October 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 10/20/2017 to News
Hey folks! October has flown by, and what a busy month it's been! I returned from another fun and successful Fried Egg tour earlier this week. Couldn't have asked for a better time and hospitality, especially in Toronto at Not Dead Yet Fest. Great to finally meet some of you in person! Anyhow, I tried to scoop up a bunch of new releases while on the road and came home to a full mailbox, so the site is loaded with an incredible selection of new arrivals. But lets get to the big news here, Feel It is proud to unleash our thirteenth release today - the debut 7" from DIRTY & HIS FISTS.
Los Angeles punks DIRTY & HIS FISTS deliver a knockout four song EP on their vinyl debut, following a standout demo cassette. For the uninitiated, DIRTY & HIS FISTS have quickly become one of the best American punk bands alive, and one of the few to match powerful writing and performance with some of the best studio production out there. The Fists easily eclipse their demo with this new EP, incorporating a crunchy layer of synth, pounding rhythm section (featuring new drummer Sam Bosson), and ace production from guitarist/vocalist Mike Kriebel, who you may recognize as producer of recent Beat Sessions for Uranium Club, Urochromes, and P22. An undeniably great and memorable American punk record. Packaged in a reverse board pocket sleeve with an 7"x11" lyric insert and digital download.
Click here to stream/download the digital release.

I just approved tests presses for both the HAIRCUT and RIK AND THE PIGS 7"s, so those are very much on schedule for a December release. Beyond that, I've got a few very exciting releases to announce later this year. 2018 is lining up to be a pretty great year of releases already.


As I mentioned earlier, the distro is flush with new arrivals and restocks, plus October just happens to have delivered some of the BEST new records of 2017 so far. Lets run things down real quick: the new batch of Lumpy Records are perhaps the label's strongest releases yet (GEN POP, U-NIX, VANILLA POPPERS, THE WORLD), LEBENDEN TOTEN are back with an incredible new LP, new SUBURBAN HOMES single is ace UK DIY punk, plus I picked up some releases from Montreal's Swollen City Records (NO NEGATIVE + ULTRARAT 7"s, IMPOTENTIE CS) and a grip of tapes from Runstate (including the final INEPSY session!). Beyond that the DENDO MARIONETTE LP is a great slice of archival Japanese 80's new wave/synth action, PATSY's new 12" is ruling the stereo, oh-and we finally have the new Feel It shirts up on the site! Anyhow, I'll leave it at that for now - as always I try and write 100% of the descriptions on the site, so check there for more. Also look for the Feel It radio show to make a return this winter! I am determined to keep that a regular feature from now on.

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

September 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 9/18/2017 to News
Hello everyone, as summer comes to an end I've got a ton happening with the label, so here's our September update! I was hoping to have the DIRTY & HIS FISTS 7" ready, as well as a slew of distributed releases from our Australian pals at No Patience, but it should only be another few weeks before all of those are ready.

First off, I want to share an update on how our fundraiser to relief efforts in Charlottesville went. Feel It contributed a percentage of August sales, totaling $233 to Charlottesville Victim Relief! Very happy to have contributed to helping my hometown. Thanks to everyone who placed an order since I announced the fundraiser.

Okay, so moving onto label news, the vinyl is actually already here for the next Feel It release - the debut 7" from LA punks
DIRTY & HIS FISTS. The print parts for this release are all currently in production so it should only be another few weeks before this killer 7" is in circulation. I went ahead and posted the entire EP on Bandcamp as well.

Stream/download DIRTY & HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" (FEEL IT 13) out in October!

After that, I've got two more 7"s at the plant and on schedule for a December release. While I've already announced the debut 7" from Richmond's HAIRCUT, Feel It will also be releasing a new RIK AND THE PIGS 7"! Very glad to have the Pigs back for another record. This record is super fresh, recorded in Portland at the tail end of the Pigs' West coast tour in July. This time the entire six piece lineup plays on the record, including the sax player. Much like the upcoming LP on Total Punk, the sound of this material is much fuller (notice how I didn't say "produced", we're still talking punk rock here) and very representative of the Pigs' killer live show. Three cuts appear on the 7", including new versions of "TV Bloopers" and "Off/On" plus the brand new "Blue Jean Queen", which kicks off Side A. For now, here's "TV Bloopers", mastered by Josh Bonati.

Stream "TV Bloopers" by RIK AND THE PIGS from their upcoming 7" (FEEL IT 15).

I've also got a small repress of RIK AND THE PIGS "Life's A Bust" 7" due to land with the new 7". The first pressing of 700 is nearly sold out and with the new Pigs LP and 7" hitting soon, plus some touring action (check for dates below!), it only makes sense to keep "Life's A Bust" in print, right?!

THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party" LP reissue hit some more production snags and has been delayed indefinitely.

Oh, and we just said goodbye to
CHRISTI, who played their last show in late August with Sheer Mag and Haram. Fortunately the band got around to putting their final recordings out on pro cassettes, and I just added those to the site.

First things first,
CROPPED OUT 2017 is happening this weekend in Louisville, KY and I'll have the Feel It distro set up at the American Turners Club on Friday 9/22 and Saturday 9/23. Fried Egg plays at 2:45pm on Saturday, but other than that I'll be hanging out at the Feel It table most of the time, with some cool NEW SHIRTS designed by Shiva aka Informationman from Kaleidoscope. I just picked these up and they look incredible! Note that the actual tees are a bit lighter, more of a "sapphire", if you will. I'll have the leftover tees in the webstore next week, but if you want to request a certain size (or even a different colorway for when I print more) simply respond to this email with any requests.

Come October,
FRIED EGG is hitting the road yet again for a short tour around Not Dead Yet in Toronto, where we'll be joining a ton of killer contemporary acts, including RIK AND THE PIGS and KALEIDOSCOPE. I will have the distro in tow - which also means that all webstore orders placed after Friday October 6 will not ship until Tuesday October 17. Ok, so here are those Fried Egg dates, a few of which are with Buffalo, NY's RADIATION RISKS.

10/7 Philly @ Timecube w/ Dark Thoughts, Dialer
10/8 Hadley, MA @ Tears for Sears w/ Meat Dreams, Gay Mayor
10/9 Sherbrooke, QC @ TBA w/ Radiation Risks
10/10 Montreal @ Braserie Beaubien w/ Radiation Risks, Total Bliss, Boar God
10/11 Ottawa @ Pressed w/ Radiation Risks, Doxx
10/13 Toronto - Not Dead Yet Gig #3 @ Sneaky Dees
10/15 Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/ Yambag, Weed Whacker

RIK AND THE PIGS Austin + Northeast tour (*many dates with PATSY)
10/6 Austin Weekend at Barry's w/ Giuda, the Leash, the Whiffs, Little Fish, the Rubs, Cheap Fur
10/7 Austin Weekend at Barry's w/ Secret Prostitutes, Nosferatu, the Cowboys, Breakout, Bondage, Trouble Boys, Loteria
10/9 Cleveland w/ Patsy, the Cowboy, Street Gurgler @ Now That's Class
10/10 Pittsburgh w/ Patsy, Peace Talks, Painted Eyes @ Camp Clarke
10/11 Rochester w/ Patsy
10/12 Montreal w/ Patsy, Narcoestado, HVAC, Faze, ODD @ l'Esco
10/14 Toronto Not Dead Yet Gig #9 @ Coalition
10/15 Buffalo
10/16 Boston w/ Video Filth, Bombers, Security @ Jeanie Johnstons
10/17 NYC w/ Kaleidoscope, C.H.E.W., Mati @ Brooklyn Bazaar
10/18 NYC
10/19 Philadelphia w/ Blank Spell, Mint @ 1810 Bouvier St

Ok I'll keep this short since this is a pretty massive email, but I'm keeping the distro well stocked as always with new arrivals posted to the site several times a week. I've had THE COWBOYS-Vol. 4 LP on constant rotation, but aside from that the new URCHIN 7", PUBLIC EYE LP, BOOJI BOYS 7", and CHOW LINE CS come highly recommended. I also stocked up on some zines (which there has been a serious lack of in 2017) including Negative Insight, Dynamite Hemmorhage, and the Scratch'N'Sniff collection.

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

August 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 8/18/2017 to News
Hey folks, back with some more news for ya. I returned from Fried Egg west coast tour last week, and let me tell you, that ruled! It was great to finally meet some of you in person, and seriously, every show ruled. Aside from driving like a madman (Portland to San Diego and back up to Vancouver!) the whole trip was wildly enjoyable, the sights were incredible, and we got to play with some amazing bands. Check Maximum Rocknroll Radio this Sunday to hear the episode Fried Egg recorded while in San Francisco and keep yer eyes peeled for a Fried Egg Beat Session cassette coming in October on Shout Recordings.

Unfortunately, we came home to a pretty awful situation in our hometown of Charlottesville, and I'm sure many of you saw the news over the weekend, so let me say this:
As you may know, I am a native of Charlottesville, VA. On August 12, a massive "Unite the Right" event was held in protest to a statue of Robert E. Lee being removed from Lee Park in downtown Charlottesville. Thousands gathered, including Nazis, Klansmen, and those from other right wing organizations. Many of my friends were out among the thousands in protest, and sadly enough, a legitimate act of domestic terrorism was committed as a 20-year old "alt-right" supporter drove his car into a group of protesters on Charlottesville's downtown mall, killing one and injuring 19. This is not something to ignore, or casually play off as a one-time occurrence.
In standing in solidarity with those in need of help in Charlottesville, I will be donating 20% of all sales until the end of August and also matching that amount personally. Stay tuned for updates on the fundraising efforts.


All orders that came in while I was out of town have been shipped and I've added quite a few
new arrivals to the site this week, as you can see. As I always strive to do, I've written reviews for every new arrival, so I'll spare you the fine print, though I'd highly recommend the COWBOYS-Vol 4 LP, RUT 7", THE COWBOY + CITRIC DUMMIES LPs, KATASTROF 7", BAD POSTURE LP reissue, and BANSHEE LP. Tons more on the way including the new ORION CS on Cool Death, ANTISEX LP, PUBLIC EYE LP, and more!

Lots of new releases in production here. DIRTY & HIS FISTS 7" test presses have been approved and vinyl should be here by early September! Finalizing some artwork and aiming to have this one ready for our September update. THE LANDLORDS LP is finally, finally about ready to go off to press, as is the debut 7" from HAIRCUT, which I just posted a preview track from! Five killer HC punk tracks on this 7".

Click here to listen to "Boys Club" by HAIRCUT from the "Shutting Down" 7" (FEEL IT 14).

More exciting releases to announce later...for now lets just say that I nailed down two new, very exciting projects while in Olympia earlier this month :)

Remember - FRIED EGG and the Feel It distro will be at CROPPED OUT in Louisville, Kentucky from Sept 22-23! Fried Egg is also touring around NOT DEAD YET in Toronto come early October and I'll be posting those dates in the next update.

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

July 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 7/18/2017 to News
Hey folks, another month has flown by and it's time for a newsletter update. I spent the past couple of weeks moving into a new place and after finally getting settled, it's about time to take off for tour. In case you missed any of my previous posts, FRIED EGG will be leaving for a West coast tour in just over a week! I will not have the distro on tour since we're flying, but will have a few copies of recent Feel It releases and the band will have a whole bunch of merch including a new shirt design from Lumpy and these crisp risograph posters.

7/27 Portland - Blackwater
7/28 Santa Rosa - The Church on 5th
7/29 SF - Hemlock Tavern
7/30 LA - Rec Center
8/1 Tijuana - Moustache Bar
8/2 Grover Beach - Skip Gibson's BBQ
8/3 Oakland - The Octopus
8/4 Eugene - TBA
8/6 Olympia Hardcore Fest matinee - Le Voyeur
8/7 Seattle - The In
8/8 Vancouver - 333

More info:


First off, the distro will remain open while I'm on tour, but any orders placed after Tuesday July 27 will not ship until Monday August 14.
Just added a serious heaping of new arrivals to the site today, including two monstrous new Texan HC/punk LPs from GLUE and IMPALERS, the new SHEER MAG full length, ruling new hardcore 7" EPs from THE BUG, CRIATURAS, and KOMBAT, and cassettes from INNOCENT, BRAINWASHED CALIFORNIA, EYE JAMMY, BLUE DOLPHIN, and more! I'll also have the SACRIFICIO LP on Cintas Pepe and new Total Punk 7"s in later this week. That'll be about it for new arrivals until I'm back from tour.

Coming in WAY ahead of schedule, we have test presses for DIRTY AND HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" in hand! Just waiting on the band to approve tests and finalize artwork, meaning this record should be out late August/early September. In case you missed our last update, you can stream a track from the record below.

Listen to "Whistleblower" from DIRTY & HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" (FEEL IT 13) out Fall 2017!

We've also made some progress on THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party!" LP reissue. The lacquers are being cut in August and artwork is just about finalized. Should be sending that off with another new release we're proud to announce - the 7" vinyl debut for HAIRCUT. If you missed their excellent Criatura demo from 2016 (and there is precisely one copy left in our webstore) do yourself a favor and check out one of Virginia's best and most relevant hardcore punk groups in years. The band just packed up and moved from Charlottesville to Richmond and recorded a killer 5 track EP, which I instantly asked to release. Haircut are going back to put some finishing touches on the mix, then we should have a preview track to share with you in our August update. In the meantime, check out these three new Haircut tracks from a promo tape, which we'll have copies of later this summer.

                             HAIRCUT live at Magnolia House in Charlottesville, VA

Also look for FRIED EGG and the Feel It distro at CROPPED OUT in Louisville, Kentucky from Sept 22-23!

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

June 2017 Update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 6/9/2017 to News
Hey folks, back with a slew of label news and updates for you.
Thanks to everyone who has kept me busy with orders for the Kaleidoscope Volume 3 12".
The band just returned from a very successful tour and if you saw them live, like I was lucky enough to, weren't they incredible?! It's also worth mentioning that the Kaleidoscope record is now available digitally through Spotify, as are most of the recent Feel It releases.

I've been making some much-needed updates to the webstore over the past couple weeks.
First off, the store is now finally sending order confirmation emails for every new order. I've also enabled the option to pay securely with credit/debit cards at checkout. Another new feature available by request is an "add to hold pile" option for anyone looking to build up a large order but not miss out on new distro items that may sell out over time. Simply reply to this email if you're interested in using this feature. In case you haven't noticed, Feel It now offers free shipping for all domestic orders of $60 or more.

I just returned from NYC with copies of the brand new ROCK'N'ROLL FOREVER zine produced by Ben Trogdon of Nuts! fanzine. This 108 page full-color newsprint zine collects the best of Ben's photos over the past ten years from Olympia to NYC. It is chock full of the best live shots of bands like Milk Music, Sex Vid, Gun Outfit, Hysterics, Crazy Spirit, Warthog, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, La Misma, Nandas, and Perdition, just to name a few! Highly recommended.

Also new are two standout 7" EPs on the Blow Blood label from BULSCH and MAGIC CITY.
The new wave of Cleveland punk genius! What else? We have the now sold-out May issue of Maximum Rock N Roll that features a Kaleidoscope interview conducted by yours truly, the insane new CLOSET CHRIST tape, latest LP from INSTITUTE, and a serious slew of other new arrivals.

Sometimes cool projects just land in front of your face - and that's exactly what has happened with DIRTY & HIS FISTS, who will be releasing a self-titled 7" on Feel It this Fall! For those unfamiliar, Da Fists are from LA - started by Mike Kriebel, whom you might recognize for having produced the amazing recent series of Beat Session cassettes from Uranium Club, Urochromes, and P22. Dirty & His Fists released a killer demo cassette on Mike's Shout Recordings imprint in 2016, a nearly perfect punk demo that's as catchy and memorable as bands like The Spits, The Weirdos, and other top shelf West coast punk. Fast forward to 2017, Dirty & His Fists are back with four new tracks on this 7", tighter and catchier than their demo, even adding a synth to the mix. If anyone else caught Da Fists on their recent East coast tour around Damaged City Fest, you'll know how great they are - and here's the proof on vinyl.

Listen to "Whistleblower" from DIRTY & HIS FISTS "S/T" 7" (FEEL IT 13) out Fall 2017!

THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party!" LP reissue is still in production, look for that to be out in late 2017.

I am moving offices at the end of June, so expect a short delay in shipping orders towards the end of the month. It's going to be a busy summer for me because FRIED EGG are flying out to do a West coast tour in late July! Really can't wait to be out there and meet some of you.

27 PORTLAND @ Blackwater w/ U-Nix + more TBA
28 SANTA ROSA @ The Church (525 5th St.) w/ Acrylics, Rut, The Goochers, Hose Rips (https://www.facebook.com/events/1427127960641366/)
29 SF @ Hemlock Tavern w/ Life Stinks, North Is Everywhere (https://www.facebook.com/events/435592786792709/)
30 LA

3 OAKLAND @ The Octopus w/ Marbled Eye, Nopes, Lofter (https://www.facebook.com/events/363930747342318/)
4 EUGENE @ The Boreal
5-6 OLYMPIA HARDCORE FEST (https://www.facebook.com/events/264515980632053)
7 SEATTLE w/ Narcoestado, Ausencia, United Void (https://www.facebook.com/events/1496361733767333/)

Also look for FRIED EGG and the Feel It distro at CROPPED OUT in Louisville, Kentucky from Sept 22-23!

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.

KALEIDOSCOPE "Volume 3" 12" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 5/11/2017 to News

Hello! We are very pleased to announce the first Feel It release of 2017:

                           Kaleidoscope "Volume 3" 12"




Kaleidoscope are a rare group, having continually evolved and expanded in form since their inception. Volume 3 marks the first Kaleidoscope release of 2017, a masterfully crafted follow-up to several cassette releases on their own D4MT Labs imprint and a 7” EP on Katorga Works. Since then, the three members of Kaleidoscope have taken up residency in a shared Brooklyn apartment and basement studio. In doing so, their collective spirit of creativity and resourcefulness has risen to an all-time high.

The six tracks on Volume 3 serve as a testament to the group's unique and unwavering commitment to an original sound – one that is undoubtedly crafted with a well-refined taste for international punk and hardcore, but also embraces experimentation. Engineered entirely in the group's home studio and layered with original samples, overdubs, and guest instrumentation from an ensemble of friends. The end result is simple – a highly impressive production that commands repeat listening.

Volume 3 is presented with the recognizable aesthetic of previous Kaleidoscope releases, directed by guitarist/vocalist Information Man [SHDK], though truly a cohesive group effort. Packaged with a Risographed lyric booklet that serves as a proper companion piece to each transmission. FEEL IT 11.

Purchase at: http://www.feelitrecordshop.com
Stream/download at: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/volume-3
Watch music video for "Simulator" at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmDPNZcTWcU

We've also just updated the webstore with a new Kaleidoscope collection CS, Uncle Tamm CS (highly recommended, new project from Eddie of Brown Sugar/Ivy produced in Kaleidoscope's home studio), U-Nix CS (killer new PDX HC, ex-NASA Space Universe) and new releases from LVEUM, Total Punk, Drunken Sailor, Beach Impediment, Iron Lung, and more!

Up next on Feel It is a reissue of The Landlords Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! LP from 1984. A fantastic 21 song Hardcore/punk album from my hometown of Charlottesville, VA. We just received the remastered audio from Dave Eck at Lucky, so here is a preview track. Look for the LP later this summer - and in the meantime check out The Landlords Fitzgerald's Paris LP that we issued on Feel It in 2016.

5/23 Montreal @ La Vitrola w/ Trepanated Heads, Ultra Razzia
5/24 Toronto @ Faith/Void w/ Anti-Vibes, Twin Mask
5/25 Rochester @ Photo City Improv w/ Stress, Cicada, Tech X
5/26 Cleveland - Horrible Fest @ Now That's Class w/ Warthog, La Misma, Lacerate, Prostitutes, Empty Beings
5/27 Hammond, IN @ Hubbard's Hangout w/ Liquids, Love Ain't No Feeling, The Place Holders
5/28 Chicago @ Anneli's w/ Skin Tags, Judge Judy and the Executioner, Nervous Wreck
5/30 Bloomington @ Jan's Rooms w/ The Cowboys, Dog, Skull Cult
5/31 Greensboro @ Ask a punk w/ Drugcharge
6/1 DC @ Chill Factory w/ Fried Egg, Rashomon, Diaspora
6/2 Philly @ Ask a punk w/ Rashomon, Blank Spell, Devil Master

I just returned from a short Fried Egg tour around It's Cold Outside Fest in Toronto. All of the shows were a blast and it was a real pleasure to meet some of you in person! Fried Egg has a brand new 7" EP out on Beach Impediment Records entitled "Back and Forth". You can jam it here. We will also be touring the West coast around Olympia Hardcore Fest from July 27-August 9...more info on that soon!

And one final note - CHRISTI just announced that their final show will be on 8/25 in Richmond @ Strange Matter w/ Sheer Mag, Haram, and Birth Defects. Christi will be missed, as they were a very important band in our eyes, especially in Richmond. They will have cassette copies of their final recordings at this show. We wish them the best in their future endeavors!

That's about it for now, stay tuned and stay cool.