WILD ROSE "Let's Have the Windows Down" CS

WILD ROSE "Let's Have the Windows Down" CS

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Latest cassette from Charlottesville, VA rock'n'roll soldiers Wild Rose. This is actually a neat little compilation cassette that features tracks from WR's forthcoming debut 7" EP and their out of print demo tape, plus an exclusive Jefferson Airplane cover. I always thought of this band as having a similar place in punk/rock as bands like The Buzzcocks or The Pagans, clearly children (or in this case, grandchildren) of 60s&70s rock that managed to mix an affinity for riff-driven hard rock with a more aggressive playing style and attitude. Very strong musicianship across this whole thing, especially the new stuff - which also has a noticeably better and convincing vocal presence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LISTENING FOR ALL YOU TAPEHEADS. Pro dubbed and printed cassette on my little brother's Rougemont Records imprint.

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