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Debut from this new group of Charlottesville, VA rockers. Upon listening to these five tracks, its easy to pick up on the fact that these guys have an affinity for melodic and guitar-heavy rock music (and of course, Thin Lizzy comes to mind) but there's enough originality and thought put into these songs to set Wild Rose apart from the pack. Maybe its the neo-Brit vocal inflection or wonderfully melodic arrangements, but a few of these tracks (particularly "Fanatic Heart") sound like they're coming from the same place as Love Bites era Buzzcocks. It's quite easy to set out and nail a particular sub-genre, production style, or even just rip off classic riffs these days, but Wild Rose are one of the few contenders that stand out based on this excellent self-produced demo. I mean, there's something a bit more endearing to the quality of these tracks for me than spinning a Sheer Mag 7" on 33rpm or whatever. Real deal rock'n'roll punk. Self released.

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