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Restocked! Ten song full length from Cleveland's VANILLA POPPERS. I was honestly a bit let down by how poorly their 7" stood up to the incredible demo and power of their live show, but this LP quashes any doubts in my books. While a lot of Cleveland groups have a distinct, crude sense of humor (which sometimes overpowers the music, for better or worse), it really seems like the Poppers just wanna fucking play, and damn do they light up this LP. The ratio of new-to-rerecorded music is much better than the 7" and just comes off as a natural and visceral punk recording. Perfectly executed on all ends, definitely drawing from the 4/4 timing and biting vocal presence of late 70s punk, Vanilla Poppers have harnessed a gimmick-free and memorable batch of songs here, truly one of the best Midwest punk full lengths in recent memory. Hand screened jackets with artwork by William Chapman. Lumpy Rex.

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