V/A "Lasst Die Alten Sterben" LP

V/A "Lasst Die Alten Sterben" LP

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Incredible compilation LP of early Swiss punk! Lasst Die Alten Sterben actually serves as the soundtrack to a recently released movie that chronicles the history of Swiss punk through the late 70s and early 80s, and this thing is chock full of hits. Perhaps you've heard Nasal Boys or The Bastards before, but there's plenty of killer lesser-known cuts on here, most of which has not seen reissue treatment. Incredible packaging featuring a heavy duty gatefold sleeve, 11"x11" booklet with liner notes and photos, and a poster for the movie. Limited import!


Flurian Giger - I think I should stop to talk
Sperma - No More Love
Mother's Ruin - Danny Hot Dog
Mother's Ruin - Godzilla
Kraft durch Freude - I've gotta whole lotta love
Vorwà ¤rts - TV Generation
TNT - Razzia

Sida - La Serveuse
The Bastards - Impossibilities
Nasal Boys - Hot Love
The Squirt - Last Chance
Dieter Meier and Fresh Color - Cry For Fame
Fresh Color - The Source
Flurian Giger - I think I should stop to talk (Punk Version)

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