UGLIES, THE "Keeping Up With" LP

UGLIES, THE "Keeping Up With" LP

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Slowly coming to the boil since their formation in 2015, Nopatience Records is excited to present the scalding debut LP from THE UGLIES. 11 tracks of breakneck rock-n-roll, drawing inspiration from the sounds of Australian murder punk, 90s So-Cal, American hardcore, and 60s surf rock . Albeit combined and delivered at warp speed! At times equal parts both juvenile and biting, Keeping up with The Uglies offers a searing commentary on punk in 2017 with a deep sense of frustration at the heart of it all. Very much a funhouse mirror to the blame game going on in the world, THE UGLIES point the finger at the government, the masses, the rich, the poor, the weak, the strong, and, of course, themselves. Get your ass to mars and start it all over again. Packaged with a printed inner sleeve and reverse board jacket inspired by the look and feel of 1970s VFL trading cards. All Design and Layout by Ratboy. Limited to 300 copies. Includes download code. No Patience.

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