UBERKROPPLING "Sådan Ka' Det Gång Gadagång" LP

UBERKROPPLING "Sådan Ka' Det Gång Gadagång" LP

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RECOMMENDED! Third long player from the bizarre Danish group Überkrøppling, whom I believe feature a majority of the players from Amdi Petersen's Arme. The first Über LP was a straight nutso dbeat/raw HC masterpiece (VERY overlooked IMO) and they came back a few years later with a more hard rockin' Turbonegro-fueled kinda hard punk record. This one is fucking bizarre and still rocks hard, but incorporates some odd time signatures and instrumentation that just has me thinking...Cleveland. I'm sure these guys are life long boozers and do this band whenever they feel like it, but damn can they write a tune! Small press of just 150 copies! -Mastermind.

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