TORMENT "It Was Always..." CS

TORMENT "It Was Always..." CS

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Second (and perhaps final?) tape from Montreal punks Torment. In case you missed their previous release, Torment play in the classic style of early British punk, (moments drift towards Oi!, perhaps) balancing a tough pogo beat with a melodic touch to the songwriting. I believe Torment even had a 7" lined up with Blow Blood, but that seems to have never happened. Anyhow, if you dug fellow MTL punks, Proxy (or even Inepsy, as their frontman Chany mixed this release), I can definitely see Torment being up yer alley. Nine tracks here, crunchy, hard-hitting, and memorable. Even a bit of SAX courtesy of the Playboy himself. Edition of 100. HOM Records.

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