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Nuts! presents: Tattoo Punk #2
Underground & Outlaw, Tattooing & Lifestyle

Issue #2 includes incredible interviews with these unbelievable tatooers:

CARSON FOLEY - psychological architecture
ARIELLE COUPE - surreal fruits
CHARLINE BATAILLE - colorful bouncing beings
AMINAH SLOR - resonating with rocks

AND: Zoe talks about giving face tattoos to friends; Harry on his giant Discharge tramp stamp; Bobby gets a butt tat; Booz on her relationship with the band Flipper; a punk with the word "PUNK" tattooed on his forehead; Emil and Sigrid on movement, performance and tats you got when you were a kid; Mikey on the tattoo he doesn't remember getting; and much more!

WOW: An amazing cover by Lauren O'Connor; a kick-ass centerfold by Dracula Orengo; 2 pages of beauty by Joe B; tattoo ideas by Evan Radigan; and tons of art by Mateo Cartagena, Cecilia Caldiera, Anahit Gulian, Eugene Terry, Robin Pak, Leann Marie, Nico Zanetti, Pancho, Virginia Zwanzger, and Somer Stampley
AND MORE wild photos and art of and by your friends, fam and foes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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