September 2019 update: SLUMP LP/CS + POWER 7" single out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 9/26/2019 to News

Hello hello, it has been a pretty insane month here. Lots of news below so keep reading as you jam the new SLUMP and POWER records in full. All preorders have shipped and copies are hitting local shops & distros this week. As previously mentioned, these are the last couple Feel It releases of 2019. Six LPs and one 7", a great year if I have to already look back. After doing 20 records in a row, it's time to take a break - the Feel It site will be closed from Oct 27 thru Dec 2 while I am in Australia for Cement Shoes tour. Onto the fun stuff...
LABEL NEWS: New records from SLUMP + POWER out now!
SLUMP "Flashbacks from Black Dust Country" LP/CS/digital

Streaming via Bandcamp HERE.
Order limited Red/Black swirl vinyl edition of 75 HERE.
Order standard black vinyl edition of 325 HERE.
Order cassette version of 100 HERE.

"Too much so-called psych-punk or acid-punk or whatever boils down sonically to some efx added to a familiar punk/rock format. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t qualify to my ears. On the other hand, this Slump band from Richmond, Virginia, ranks high. Very high. (And so am I.) They’ve been around for about four years now, with the current lineup of Will Fennessey (bass), Tony Nowotarski (Moog/guitar), Nick Yetka (drums), and Suspicious Sonny (vocals/guitar). They self-released a single in 2016 that kinda reminds me of the NYC HC band Kaleidoscope, except there are prominent electronics. They also released an excellent split EP (with True Body) that found them expanding the songs into longer chunks that allow for more freedom to move.

And that brings us to their debut LP. Slump has retained the hardcore and sludge, but it would be hard to convince some people that this is punk-rock at all. (It is! And it isn’t!) Let’s mention Hawkwind. The UK space-rock group has become a template for riff-heavy acid-eaters over the past 40 years, and Slump is certainly in that line. It all opens with a riff that resembles the MC5’s “Black to Comm” and quickly descends/ascends into the dirty sky above beneath inside outside us all. Don’t expect an easy ride—this is gonna be a bumpy but very worthwhile trip. “No Utopia”? There’s a sane slogan for modern America. Whatever explicit message (?) may lie here is buried in volume and psychedelic mud. The hardcore urge beats the messenger to death again. I think that’s a good thing myself. Evolve, baby—evolve! Things ROCK on “(Do the) Sonic Sprawl”—conjures up visions of Philip K. Dick and 1980s Sonic Youth and some sorta (r)evolution (no Utopia!). “Throbbing Reverberation” is the shortest track and another rockin’ jam. The title gives a strong clue. Forward-thinking metal fans should dig this. Imagine Voivod with a LOT of noise in the mix.

Then things seem to get even darker. “Desire Death Drifter” comes on like 90s Japanese psych rockers White Heaven. And dig that space gurgle. Killer. I think this might be the “hit”! “Electric Dissent” is a militant acid stomp that sounds like a more condensed version of Hawkwind’s “Brainstorm.” At six minutes, “Sensory Cocoon” still manages to be one of the more rippin’ things here—a DMT cannonball hurled through punkspace. “Tension Trance” is another long-ish rocker—great heavy riffs pushing harder and harder into the cosmic slop. It all closes in heavy fashion with “Trip Sitter,” a slow-burnin’ churner that splits apart about halfway through to reveal pure electronic swirl—before the rock rudely interrupts again. Hope ya dig a little bitter in yer sweet. That’s life, man. Killer diller—no filler! Gimme that heavy stoned slouch—gimme some Slump!" —Eddie Flowers, Vulcher/Gizmos/WLSD

POWER "The Fool" 7"/digital

Streaming via Bandcamp
Order standard black vinyl edition of 350 HERE.

POWER is - and has been the real deal for quite some time. This single serves not only as a testament to that fact, but showcases two of POWER's best creations yet. Like thunder rips across the sky, the pounding drums on ‘The Fool’ signal the oncoming storm of slashing rock and roll. The single sees POWER explore a side of band which has always been simmering beneath the surface - and it seems the time was right for them to unleash these raw new tunes without holding back. Pure electric guitar damage from this most formidable three-piece.

With the ‘The Fool’ cutting a figure which could’ve been found backstage at a show headlined by Venom and The Stooges, the flip, 'Give It All To Me’ displays a range of heavier melodies intoned by 80’s cult groups such as Wicked Lady and Iron Claw. POWER have stayed true to themselves and continued to ride towards to the storm. Available from COOL DEATH RECORDS in Australia.
DISTRO NEWS:Out with old, in with the new.

I've come to the realization that the distro is simply taking too much of my attention away from the label. Going forward, that needs to change. From now until I leave for Australia (October 26 is the final day you can order), the majority of the site will be 30% OFF. That excludes some new arrivals and all 2019 Feel It releases (in order not to undercut distributors), but the bulk of the distro and label back catalog is up for liquidation. I need the space, and want to start over fresh, with a smaller and more focused operation. Simply use code distroliquidation (one use per customer, so make it count) to receive 30% off qualifying stock at checkout. And yes, free shipping still applies for US orders of $60 or more. Now, onto the NEW ARRIVALS.
First up, a couple exclusives. We have the ruling LEATHER LICKERS 7", brand new from our Australian pals at Cool Death. This is by far one of the most exciting HC punk EPs that I've heard in some time, really hitting the early Touch and Go style on the head, with a raw dose of Cleveland in the mix. Very excited to play some shows with these guys while down under! Also in, we've got the brand new (and MASSIVE, 116 pg.) issue of the legendary DISTORT zine - dedicated entirely to the history of Cleveland punk/rock/hardcore...incredible stuff as usual from DX.
Some top picks for September's new arrivals include the wonderful new album from Australia's EXEK, the snarling HC debut from OBSESSIO, a true dose of real deal USHC on the debut EP from LOOSE NUKES, and the masterfully curated JIM SHEPARD 3xLP collection. Lots of other great discs in from Beach Impediment, LVEUM, 11PM, Neck Chop, Digital Regress, Schizophrenic, Feral Kid, Feral Ward, & more (plenty of restocks included). Not a whole lot more to be added to the site before I leave, but hit that 30% off sale up and stock up on actually good music and that's just waiting for a new home.

That's it for now, if yer local come see Judy & the Jerks in RVA on Oct 5. It's the Cement Shoes Aussie tour sendoff gig as well. I'll also be selling some rather nice and collectible punk/hardcore/rock records at the Hardywood VG Minus Record Fair on October 6. Bring lots of cash, there will be some nice things for sale. Follow us @feelitrecordshop on the 'gram for more frequent doses of reality. Thanks so much, it has been a wonderful year thus far. -Sam
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