STRAND, THE "Seconds Waiting" LP

STRAND, THE "Seconds Waiting" LP

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Incredible reissue of this early Virginia powerpop gem of an LP! By design, pop back-catalogues are a mess of two-or-so minute sides: one-hit-wonders, near misses and flat out failed attempts. SECONDS WAITING, recorded in 82 at Hit & Run Studios (yeah, like the early Void demos), makes good on POPS PROMISE with a full album worth of hits take your pick! It s a rare instance of the power pop gestalt fully realized. You and Me kicks the album off with a spot on slice of teenage naivety and a 96 Tears caliber organ run. Popular Girl and I Understand You sidestep the saccharine moves of their bubblegum and glam rock neighbors, for more austere vibes of Kinksy doom and gloom, residue from a Brit-invasion hangover. Feedback cues the blitzkrieg of supercharged guitars on Kids Today , while the previously unreleased studio track, Scarred Streets , showcases the band at their most agro! One More Ring rivals Protex, The Nerves and Badfinger in the category of All TIME GREATEST POWER POP SONG FEATURING A TELEPHONE. Post punk menace weighs in on the second half of the album, oddly climaxing with minor chords and a haunting bridge on the albums title track, for an out-and-out KILLER long player throughout! Recommended! DIG! Records.

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