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LAST COPIES EVER! Following their Suit and Tie and Empty Space singles, the Richmond area group reformed with a fully realized five-piece lineup. The eleven new tracks on this LP capture SLUGZ at their best yet - drawing from late 70s punk, adding a dose of speed to the mix, and bashing things out with just the right amount of rocknroll sensibility. The all-analogue recording on this album really allows the new dual guitar version of SLUGZ to cut through the mix, while the tight rhythm section and snot-dosed vocals present on earlier output shine through stronger than ever. After a couple of spins this album feels like a continuation of the raw, gritty punk rock that you know SLUGZ for melded with a more driving, forceful sound that has propelled the band towards the release of this LP.  Includes a printed inner sleeve designed by artist William Chapman and is limited to 300 copies. (FEEL IT 04)

*Note: 1-2 creased jacket corners on each copy.  Sealed/like new otherwise.*

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